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The reason I fell in love with sports

From the earliest age that I remember being 4 years old, I have talked about sports in some compacity. Having 2 older brothers that were 10 years older than I was I atteneded all their sporting events and was just in love, a big part of that came from me wanting to be like my older brothers, which most people do.

Sports for me has always been a distraction, with anything going on in my life, deep down I can always rely on sports to take my mind off what is going on in the real world. Growing up I always remember having hockey, baseball & wrestling on.. The earliest memories I have of watching sports, is with my dad, he was always traveling being a muscian so he taught me how to program a VCR, who remembers those… And I would record for us that weeks WWF(at the time) Now known as WWE, Raw & Smackdown, and it would be something that was kind of like a tradition, a big lesson it also taught me was patience, since I woudn’t be able to watch until he got home. It was bonding time, that I always cherish today, the fact I still remember those moments shows how special it was.

Having 2 older brothers, with the age gap being 10 and 9 years older, I was able to learn so much about sports from an early age because they taught me! So with always attending my brothers games, I was able to learn how to play sports at very young, I fell in love with baseball, I also played soccer but I didnt care for it like I did baseball.. It became my favourite sport all I could think about was baseball, all I wanted to talk about was baseball. It was my life. Soccer was there, but I had zero passion for it.. Having a love for hockey was there, but I was never able to play hockey being born 2.5 months premature with a heart condition, I just wasnt able to play the contact sport. I loved watching the sport and became invested in the strategy, but again baseball was always my number 1.

My only dream as a kid, was like any other kid that played sports, someday make it as a professional athlete… Unfortunatly that dream never happened. Being in love with sports, it lead to me to a way to combine something else I love with my passion, becoming a sports broadcaster, listening to my biggest influencers, Jim Hudgson, John Shorthouse, Joe Buck, Gord Miller, Colin Cowherd, etc. All I wanted to do was be able to talk sports, but the only reason I have the love & passion for sports that I do is because of the household I grew up in, having my dad & older brothers having the love for sports, it was given since all I wanted to do, was be like my brothers, so Kyle and Cody thank you for aspiring my love for sports and finding a way to make a career out of it, I couldnt ask for two better brothers to have, you are the best! Mom & Dad, it started with you when I was born you two never gave up on me while I was fighting, to stay alive, all the times you two drove me to baseball/soccer, always helping me improve, making sure I had all the tools to be successful in what I did.. Thank you for teaching me to “Never give up”… I continue to never give up, and that ill be able to do anything I set my mind too… Thats the reason I love sports, because as an athlete you can NEVER GIVE UP..

BCIT Broadcast and Online Journalism student

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