Living with tarantulas

I live with tarantulas. My story started last year because of two things. The first, is when I walked into my local vivarium and had a fateful encounter with a Sulawesi black tarantula. This tarantula is from Indonesia and an old world species. Before this I had thought all tarantulas (with the exception of one) were bland, docile spiders. When I found out about the rest of the old worlds, I was ecstatic. These aggressive and beautiful tarantulas made me fall in love. The second reason was more typical. I had, for a long time, been keeping true spiders, spiders that aren’t tarantulas, trapdoors and the like. My friend had told me that he loved tarantulas, so I started looking into. A little while after was when I bought me first tarantula. This was a large, juvenile, Hysterocrates gigas, or Cameroon red baboon. After this came a cobalt blue (who still needs a mate), my favorite tarantula. Sadly, it turned out to be a male, but is still very cool. After this came another, then three more, then another I received as freebie in a box of spiders, then two more, then three more after that and I’m sure they’ll be more soon. Now I live with these tarantulas. I dote on them, I feed them frequently and make pretty cages. But it’s all worth it because of their beauty. These tarantulas are all unique and beautiful, and one can even swim. I’ll post pictures soon, but I wanted to share my lifestyle with all who see this post.

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