2 SEO Mistakes People Make

Only Paying Attention To On-Page Optimisation

Many marketers continue to think that SEO is only performed on the website itself. Optimising your site is definitely a significant factor to search engine positioning, yet you can’t ignore off page techniques. It’s vital for SEO success that the organizations produce appealing web content for other websites in addition to their own. You should set aside the time needed each month to having content produced and placed on sites with readership, that is topically relevant and has back-links pointing back to your site.

Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

Not redirecting old URL’s When Revamping A Website

A blunder that is often made by web developers and has a significant influence on Search Engine Optimization originates from launching a new or updated version of the website without redirecting traffic from old URL’s to brand-new ones.

If you transform the URL of a web page, Google can’t understand where to send traffic from their search index and the user will see a 404 error (like the above). This results in a loss of rankings and traffic if not addressed. Make sure to 301 redirect old URL’s to the new corresponding URL’s.

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