To the Displeased Man at the Bar

Politics is a hard thing not to talk about these days. Its hard to ignore the orange, small-handed elephant in the room that seems to dominant, or at least add meaning, to every word we say. But, surprisingly, I didn’t come to this bar to talk about politics. I didn’t really come to the bar to talk at all, except to the people that I was with.

I knew you wouldn’t like my “Mind Your Own Uterus” shirt, so, for the sake of Sunday afternoon harmony, I was hoping you wouldn’t notice. I was hoping to let your loaded comments about Obama slip by, as each one continued to convince me that you voted for the above-referenced elephant. Since November, I have been struggling with how to characterize the people that I know who voted for Trump. Demonizing all of them seemed extreme, but looks a little bit more logical every time Trump and his administration of sadists comes out with a new way to completely screw the American people. People tell me to stop being so devoted to my own party, but I don’t think that’s it. I have never thought to demonize Bush voters or Romney voters. I may not understand their logic, but I’ve never questioned whether or not they have a soul.

When you say my shirt, you asked if it was some pro-choice or pro-life thing. Thinking maybe this was a potential learning experience, I tried to explain that women are concerned with more than just abortion and that women’s care is also always seen as expendable. I will take some of the blame that maybe I didn’t explain myself thoroughly. But his answer was “Trump will fix it.” Silence was the only answer. Here I had just babbled on about healthcare access for women and he think that the Pussy-Grabber in Chief, the one who backed a bill to take preventative medicine out completely, is going to save us? He thinks that man is going to save me?

He also asked me dismissively what people would do if he wore a shirt like mine. The implication may have been that he would look as ridiculous as he thought I looked or that young liberals get away with things that older conservatives can’t. Either way, my response was that people would probably say ‘right on’. Acting like medical coverage for the uterus of this country is only a woman’s problem is both dangerous and ridiculous. Female politicians don’t sit around in Washington trying to gut prostate cancer exams because we specifically don’t need them.

When I went to the restroom, this man opened up to my boyfriend all about his life. Losing his daughter and his business and getting divorced. By the time we left my boyfriend was feeling bad for this man, whom he described as ‘nice’. Losing a business and family members are both very hard things that I don’t wish on anyone. I will be the first one to say that Obamacare needs tweaking and his record is nowhere close to that of a liberal saint. However, Obama is not a reason that exonerates Trump votes from what they did. Dislike of Obama’s policies does not outweigh the racist, hateful, disgusting things that Trump did and said. Voting for Trump is one thing, but trying to pretend that Obama forced your hand, is another thing entirely.

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