First Two HalfStack 2018 Speakers

HalfStack is our UI-centric, JavaScript conference in a Shoreditch pub in London. This year’s conference is on the 16th of November, 2018.

Today we’re pleased to announce our first two speakers for this year’s HalfStack, with the first two talks placing an emphasis on animations!

Last year, Anna Migas delivered the informative “Make your animations perform well” talk. This year Anna is back to tell us even more about performance of user interactions.

Perceived performance is not only about fast page loads and delivering the content as early as possible. It is also about all the interactions happening on an already loaded page. Even some of the most popular UI patterns can be a cause of frustration. Understanding what is happening under the browser’s hood can help you delight users with a smooth experience and avoid potential performance issues.

Anna will demystify the rendering process and look into possible optimisations in order to achieve the best experience after the initial page load.

Two years ago, Rob Bateman wowed us with his talk on Squaring the Sphere, a look at creating amazing animations for video games. This year, Rob is back to deliver the sequel to his earlier talk.

Complex vector animation has never been the browser’s strong suit. We’re here to liven it up with the magic of the GPU and open source software!
Complex vector animation in the browser is currently pretty limited when it comes to choice — you can either go the super-slow CSS / SVG route, or try and hack a 3D engine like Unity or Three.js to play nicely.

Rob has spent the last few years working on projects that demanded something more visually, and takes us through the problems encountered — as well as his own open source solutions from work at The Away Foundation.

HalfStack tickets are available for only £135 and are limited to a maximum of 160 attendees. Last year’s event sold out early. Get your tickets now before we run out!