More HalfStack Fun!

HalfStack is our UI-centric, JavaScript conference in a Shoreditch pub in London. This year’s conference is on the 16th of November, 2018.

We recently announced our first two HalfStack speakers and then our next three HalfStack speakers.

Today we’re pleased to announce our next group of speakers for this year’s HalfStack!

Cats vs. Dogs

In the JavaScript ecosystem as well as the tech industry as a whole, we often have lengthy debates about some of the smaller details. Tabs. vs. spaces. Automatic semicolon insertion. Classes. Type systems. Framework wars. Smooshgate. And more.

After a fun look at some of these moments in JS history, Tom Dye and I (Dylan Schiemann) will help you settle the debate on what is more lovable, Cats or Dogs? This interactive talk will showcase an interactive app using Web Audio and Web Animations where the audience will help us settle this debate.

100% CSS Mario Kart

Stephen Cook brings us some lessons on cool and lesser known CSS features from the angle of “how to make a Mario Kart clone with nothing except CSS”, or more accurately “how to do things with CSS that will make the CSS Working Group cry.” You will learn how to use some of these techniques in the real world (and hopefully when not to use them, such as in a mad attempt to clone a beloved retro game with a wildly unsuitable toolset).

npm install disaster-waiting-to-happen

Liliana Kastilio reminds us that while open source packages make our life as developers easier, but with every new dependency you may be getting more than you bargained for. With large data breaches becoming regular occurrences it is time we start taking application security seriously and making part of our day to day lives.

With recent increase of data breaches, it is now more important than ever to really start paying attention to application security. As we introduce more and more open source dependencies into our code bases, performance is no longer the only concern. With every new dependency we are potentially bringing in new vulnerabilities that attackers are waiting to exploit. Even smart, well-intentioned and experienced developers can introduce vulnerable packages. How do you know that the open source package you just added in is not going to cause your customers data ending up for sale on the dark market?

HalfStack tickets are available for only £135 and are limited to a maximum of 160 attendees. Last year’s event sold out early. Get your tickets now before we run out!