Next Three HalfStack Speakers

HalfStack is our UI-centric, JavaScript conference in a Shoreditch pub in London. This year’s conference is on the 16th of November, 2018.

We recently announced our first two HalfStack speakers.

Today we’re pleased to announce our next three speakers for this year’s HalfStack.

We’re very excited to have Chris Heilmann back again this year. Chris has talked at the first three HalfStack events, and his talks continue to inspire and amaze us. Chris always chooses his topic relatively close to the event. So while he’s thinking about what to tell us this year, check out Chris’ talk from last year’s HalfStack where he spoke about Sacrificing the golden calf of ‘coding', a talk about the impact of machine learning on software engineering. Chris was also kind enough to bring a HoloLens to last year’s event!

We’re also ecstatic to welcome Ada Rose Cannon back this year. Ada delivers amazing talks about WebVR and we’re excited to hear about recent advances in WebVR.

The third speaker we’re announcing today is Andrico Karoulla who will tell us all about ES2018, the most significant update to the language since ES2015. This wouldn’t be a typical HalfStack topic if not for Andrico’s creative approach to his “Enter 2018” talk:

ES6 has been and gone, you’re not the life of the party anymore, everyone knows when to use let and when to use const. Your once impressive lexically scoped arrow functions seem nothing more than mere parlour tricks.
Enter ES2018. This talk will introduce you to some of the most interesting and useful Finished and Stage 3 proposals in the TC39 specification. You’ll be brought up to speed with the latest in JavaScript and you dinner time conversation will improve ten-fold.
Is your work Christmas party descending into a farce as the whole development team argues about how to deep copy a JavaScript object? Throw down Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptors and win the admiration of your boss and even maybe that promotion.
Are your parents insisting that concurrency in JavaScript is impossible. Hiding behind the ‘Event Loop’ shield against your reasonless arguments? Shared Memory and Atomics will put them in their place.
By the end of this presentation you’ll be able to confidently experiment with some of the new features, and hopefully integrate them in your workflow.

HalfStack tickets are available for only £135 and are limited to a maximum of 160 attendees. Last year’s event sold out early. Get your tickets now before we run out!