Six More HalfStack 2018 Speakers!

HalfStack is our UI-centric, JavaScript conference in a Shoreditch pub in London. This year’s conference is on the 16th of November, 2018.

We’re announcing this years speakers in a series of posts:

Today we’re pleased to announce our next wave of speakers for this year’s HalfStack! We may have one or two more to announce beyond this, but with the speakers listed below and our previous announcements, our lineup is nearly complete!

Beats, Rhymes & Unit Tests

Hip Hop and Unit Tests. A match made in heaven? Through a mix of audio, video and live performance, Tony Edwards will explore Web Audio in an attempt to convince the audience of its suitability for audio transcription. This is a fast paced and highly engaging talk with a crescendo you won’t forget.

Alpha, Beta, Gamer: Dev Mode

A live performance of video games and stand up comedy from comedian and coder, including pre prepared web games to play and even creating a video game with the audience on stage in only 10 minutes. Joe Hart previously delivered a performance at Fringe and now joins us on the HalfStack stage!

Home Automation with JavaScript

Jonathan Fielding reverse engineered his burglar alarm to connect to a Node.js service which provided HomeKit support. Learn about his adventures in automating his home with a Raspberry pi and JavaScript.

Buying a House with JavaScript

We may spend weeks or months looking at the specifications for things we purchase such as phones, laptops, and cars. Sean McGee was about to make the biggest purchase of them all, buying his first house/flat. Sean realised that he knew nothing about buying a house, but he knows how to develop an app! Using open data and APIs, Sean built an app to help him find the perfect house.

Building Bots with JavaScript

Alex Lakatos introduces us to the basic mechanics of conversation, the core principles to design by, and presents us with a practical UI to start creating conversational experiences that engage, delight, and truly help our users. Alex will build a voice enabled bot using JavaScript during this session.

The Most Important UI: You

Without investing in our own user interface, we create many problems. If we wear exhaustion like a badge of honor and promote unrealistic expectations, we often neglect our most basic needs. In this talk, Carolyn Stransky will discuss the issue and we will learn how we can build our own self-care toolkit to improve our own user interface.

Update: Jani’s Back!

We have one more speaker to announce. Jani Eväkallio, who last year wowed us with his JavaScript poetry, is back with “This Talk Is About You.” Per Jani, “it’s a sort of a post-apocalyptic short story about software development, with a musical accompaniment and professional illustrations.” We cannot wait to hear this talk!

HalfStack 2018

To recap, HalfStack is a UI-centric JavaScript conference in a Shoreditch pub. This year’s topics include animations (games, web, performance), WebVR, ES2018, WebAudio, TypeScript, Advanced CSS techniques, security, music, bots, data visualization, home automation, testing, and lots of fun. The HalfStack afterparty includes a proper JavaScript pub quiz with prizes and even more fun. A conference pass includes food, refreshments, swag, and access to the conference.

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