Meet Wasabi, an Open Source A/B Testing Platform
Lucian Lita

Wasabi is a great tool for testing that I have been able to use over the last 3 years. My group was one of the first adopters and heavily influenced the features. It is the tool that we rely on for our product testing needs because it works well, and is super flexible. It works server side and client side, is a service you can rely on, and has administration features that remove many engineering hurdles (I am looking at you release train) from being able to change/modify/roll-out test experiences. Intuit has made this tool available to all so that it can get even better. So please give it a try, contribute to make it better, and reach out to find out how it can be leveraged to its fullest potential!

One of my favorite features is called pages. When used with bucket payloads the test experience can be triggered by the payload or moved into a new test or rolled into production while maintaining the existing test. More information here:

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