Over the last few months at door2door on the iOS team, we have begun to write UI tests to cover the core flows of our app in an attempt to catch any serious issues before we do a release. For the most part we have been utilising Apple’s own tools for this, but there is one third-party library we have been using in addition to these: Succulent.

Succulent is a simple but effective Swift library for recording and replaying network requests, which means that after the first time your app performs a request, subsequent requests to the same endpoint will…

Within the iOS team at door2door, we’ve spent the last couple of months largely focusing on improving how we unit test, in terms of the technology we use and to some degree our process of writing unit tests. As over time we realised how painfully useless Apple’s own tools for unit testing are, we started to investigate alternatives in the form of libraries that might assist us in writing more readable and complex tests faster and more easily.

As a result of our investigation, we settled on adopting two libraries: Quick and Cuckoo. While I’ve come across several articles on…

In this post we’re going to take a look at how to create polylines consisting of circles for a Google Map on iOS. The inspiration for this stems from the development of a new product at door2door, where we decided to use polylines with this design to communicate walking paths to the user.

In Google’s own Maps app, walking directions are represented by a sequence of blue circles, and therefore as a developer utilising the Google Maps SDK it would make sense to be consistent with that design.

So surely Google would include the ability to stylise a polyline in…

Dylan Maryk

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