Today, I’m 25

I joke that I’ve had a quarter-life crisis lately. What am I doing with my life? How can I have more purpose, more impact? Who do I want to be — for myself and others? Anyone older than 25 laughs and assures me everyone goes through this. Some forty-year-olds say the same.

I’ve changed career trajectory, made new friends, moved, traveled, and explored. I hung up my hang-ups and picked my camera back up. I’ve channeled my ambitions into a cause I care deeply about. This year, I decided to write again. I met my best friend who leaves paw prints all over my heart. I lost the fear of being creative.

25 is smack in the middle of some of our most formative years. Here’re some quotes (on top of some of my favorite photos I took this year) that helped me on my way to 25.

Quotations are meant to be shared. They’re meant to inspire. With no context and an unfamiliar author, we have an opportunity to jump into a new world. When it’s someone familiar and from our favorite movie or book or speech — it evokes all of the emotions of that context in a small package.