Roulette Table Secrets: Keys To Avoiding Casino Detection

As one of the most popular casino games, the roulette table has its fair share of fans. Professional casino players also know that this is that one game where they have huge chances of winning. Here you can learn the systems that beat casino roulette, written by a pro player.

Modern technology coupled with experience in playing roulette could help your game play. Since roulette can be beaten by anybody, the main goal of many professional players is to avoid detection.

In fact, the greatest fear that any player has is to be flagged by a casino as a professional. We all know that casinos make money when their players lose. If you are winning money from the roulette table you are costing them money and necessary precautions should be taken against you right away.

But, before we jump to the specifics, we will cover the major facts that you need to know about avoiding detection.

How Much Roulette Table Winnings Is Deemed Acceptable?

The thing about casinos is that they want to know what’s going on all the time. This means that everything you do is under surveillance. In fact, casinos are creeping with cameras that finding a blind spot is almost impossible to do.

This is also the reason why you need to pay attention to the money you win from casinos. In each session, you will not alarm any person on the flow if your total winnings are $500 to $1000. Meanwhile, for the entire week, you should only win a maximum of about $2,000 so the authorities will not be surprised.

Given the number of eyes that are focusing on each movement that you make on the roulette table, blending in is a must. You should look just like a regular guy who is planning to place bets. When it comes to making bets, it would also be more natural if you are not on a winning streak.

How Should You Deal With Casino Staff?

Whether you like it or not, you would have to interact with the people in the casino. While you should bear in mind that you should not be seen by casino staff frequently, you also want to find someone who is on your side.

One good way to accomplish this is to be generous with the dealer who mans the roulette wheel. Although it’s not a great idea to go tipping all the casino staff because they are bound to remember you, you can make exceptions. Being good to a dealer usually works since they want players to win. After all, it’s not their money which is on the line.

Aside from that, the croupier could also help with your cover. Needless to say, you should also look out for other casino staff since there are some of them whose job is to protect the casinos from players like you?

What’s The Best Winning Pattern?

These forum posts give a roulette dozens strategy, but does it work? We have already covered the amount which is deemed as acceptable winnings when you are in a casino. Hence, the most effective way not to be detected is not to win too much. Winning small amounts here and there will be ignored by the casino staff.

However, there are also other players who like to win once and they do it big. This may seem to be a profitable approach but this also means that you would be identified by the casino staff.

Being banned from a casino is one of the greatest fears of many players but in most cases, casinos only implement counter measures. In fact, banning players is the last resort that casinos implement when dealing with professional players. So, there’s no need to fear that you will be taken out back and beaten to a pulp.

While it is also true that casinos have networks where they share information on players who are identified as professionals, there isn’t much threat on this. Your focus should be on preventing the casino staff from taking note of who you are and how you play.

Will You Lose All Advantage When Casinos Apply Countermeasures?

Unless a casino has positive proof that a professional is betting on the roulette table, they would not implement any precautions. Calling no more bets earlier which is one of the common precautions that dealers do is not profitable for any casino.

There are also others ways through which casinos can prevent players from winning in the game. This includes using a different ball or changing the speed of the rotor. Although this changes the present variables, it doesn’t mean that you will lose all advantage.

However, this will require more effort on your part since you have to adjust your system to account for the changes in the physical variables. This is done in the hopes that you lose some money back to the casino.

What Casinos Do To Professional Players

While it seems that getting caught by a casino is bad, it isn’t as dire as most people think. Needless to say, when casinos are on to you, they may make things more difficult and impractical. These gambling places hate scenes and their best option is to drive you away and make you leave or lose.