Photo by Dustin Lee on Unsplash

On Brevity in Writing

In many books on writing, there is a suggestion along the lines of if you can write something with more clarity and brevity, do so.

However, other rhetorical techniques will be suggested like the open loop, roughly the idea that one should start a piece with an unresolved point of interest, followed by inductive material leading up to a resolution at the end of the piece.

While such a technique does have persuasive benefits and is commonly used in copywriting, it can also lead to adding material which isn’t necessary.

As a result, articles will be longer than necessary and can dissuade people like myself, who are simply looking for distilled information, from reading them.

Given this, it seems to me that the best approach should not compromise on good rhetoric, but also shouldn’t adopt rhetorical techniques that work against brevity.

Such is probably not easy, but the best way to perform a craft usually isn’t easy anyway.