The Best YouTube Channels for Personal development

YouTube has become a source of high-quality creators. I’m especially interested in personal development and productivity. There is a group of creators within these topics I have the utmost respect for. They share their experiences and vulnerability. But also provide you with methods to face your personal challenges. I set up a list of 6 creators, including my favorite videos, to help you up your personal development game.

Dylan Mouthaan
2 min readSep 21, 2020
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Ali Abdaal

If you’re looking for your productivity hero, you must see Ali. He surprised me in so many ways and keeps pushing his limits to get the most out of life. I’m a big fan of his book reviews. His presentation style is refreshing and to the point. The big messages from the book are explained within 15 minutes.

YouTube channel Ali Abdaal

Nathaniel Drew

Nathaniel takes you on his journey through mental clarity. With sincere honesty, he shares his experiences in a unique calm way.

After seeing a few Nathaniel videos I recommend this video of Captain Sinbad :)

YouTube channel Nathaniel Drew

Matt D’Avella

Just like Nathaniel, Matt excels in his calm way of telling his message. His videos are creative, funny, and easy to follow. He shares his experiences and gives you methods to further develop yourself.

The Two Day Rule video below helped me develop a habit to go for a run or exercise at least every two days.

YouTube channel Matt D’Avella

Better ideas

Joey from Better ideas is vulnerable by opening up and sharing his flaws. He helps you recognize similar flaws and comes up with methods on how to deal with them.

YouTube channel Better ideas

Thomas Frank

Thomas shares his insights into his life with all the personal challenges he faces. Challenges you and I both share. Thomas walks you through his methods for overcoming these challenges.

Just Like Nathaniel Drew there is another video of Captain Sinbad about Thomas Frank:)

YouTube channel Thomas Frank

Productivity Game

Productivity Game is one best in book reviews on YouTube. Every book review is within 8 minutes. If you’re only looking to learn the core message of a book than Productivity Game videos are effective.

YouTube channel Productivity Game

Closing words

Using YouTube for entertainment is obvious, but with these 6 channels, you’re able to up your personal development game. On weekly basis, I watch around 5 videos in this category. And these channels are my go-to creators.

To get the most out of this learning process I recommend making notes during the videos. What did you learn? How can you apply it?

Which YouTube channels on personal development do you follow? And if you already follow the creator, what is your favorite video?

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