Donald Trump will NOT be like Adolf Hitler

I have seen it so many times on Facebook that Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler. I am getting sick and tired of the comparisons, because I believe it’s a really big stretch; however, that doesn’t mean we still shouldn’t be worried.

The reason why I say the two are not the same is because of this:

Adolf Hitler single handily destroyed Germany due to pure hate, while Donald Trump will simply come from general ignorance and a lack of experience.

I will try to paint for you what the next four years will be like without painting an extremely dramatic image.

We will not have concentration camps or anything like that, mainly because we live in the social media age and we see literally everything. Even if Donald Trump wanted to set up something like Auschwitz, everyone in America would discover it in seconds and the majority would revolt.

Even the die-hard Trump supporters who neglect to see the black man’s struggle and don’t believe in gay marriage. Now, I’m not saying there aren’t people in this country who wouldn’t stand up against such a grim travesty, but I believe enough people in this country have been sickened by the Holocaust that it won’t happen.

Or… at least I hope not. I mean, America did shock me less than a month ago and anything is possible. But this? Nah. I’m like…70% sure.

I’m not stupid, I know Donald Trump loves attention and he will do anything to get it! Even if that means acting like a fascist Nazi. Donald Trump wants people to fear him, but I don’t believe he has the balls to actually commit premeditated genocide. I see him as a very, very orange chihuahua who barks more than he bites. And he and the small dog probably share the same brain size.

But, realistically, our economy is about to go down the shitter and rather quickly. About 3/4 of his supporters will realize this was a bad investment. All those small angry towns and rednecks having their 15 minutes of arrogance will be livid when he doesn’t cancel Obamacare and doesn’t bring their mills back home from Mexico. The other percentage will, for some reason, still support the man. Even he were to give Lady Liberty a Cleveland Steamer, they would wear those white hats with MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN on it.

Because, well… when people are good at something, they do it exceptionally well, and being an idiot is one those things

Donald won’t know what he’s doing, which will be the biggest problem we’re facing, while Adolf knew exactly what his plans were.

As a matter of fact, Donald will be too busy Tweeting about Hamilton or whatever else to actually focus on America. It will be one scandal after the next. Instead of reading the Constitution, it will be like reading Entertainment Weekly… Because Donald Trump is not a politician, he is a celebrity.

And I won’t be surprised if he and Mike Pence get into it during these four years and Trump tries to fire him. Like, I can see that happening and it would be the first show down and feud of a president and his VP to make the news. And judging from how he bashed Rosie O’Donnell, there’s no telling how it’s going to turn out.

I’m betting money he will cheat on Melania, which will lead to first divorce between an American president and his First Lady. This will make a lot of American households with strong morals on marriage distrust him.

I believe he will create a Muslim registry, but it will fall apart and just be one big thing to add to the list of failed Trump plans. Oh, and I’m predicting a really huge disaster to happen on American soil… something bad. Donald will not know how to handle the situation much like how George W. Bush didn’t know how to approach 9/11 OR Hurricane Katrina.

Actually, he will probably take whatever tragedy happens and make it about himself, much like he did with the Orlando massacre and how he claimed to save the Ford plant.

(Btw, I really hope that doesn’t happen, nor does the idea bring me any comfort what-so-ever. I’m just throwing out realistic hypothetical situations.)

And speaking of Bush, a Donald Trump presidency will not lead to the murder of 6 million Muslims, but I promise it will be like George’s reign of power times three. Nothing will get done and, like I said before, it will be like watching a reality show of buffoonery.

No matter what he does, there will be a revolt or a protest. He will fail at trying to make abortion illegal and everyone who is pro-life will start to hate him and want to vote him out.

Give it time, stop worrying and watch the BIGGEST fuck up in American history unfold and be prepared to give every Trump supporter a big I TOLD YOU SO when it’s all said and done.

If I were you, I would buy some wine and let age for four years. You’ll need it.