Ya’ll, I am so over Hamilton…

Before I get started, let me clarify this:

I wholeheartedly love and respect this cast for directly approaching Mike Pence, and I really don’t care if the audience booed him. He had it coming, especially after being so hateful to the homosexuals. I mean, what the hell do you think is going to happen when you pass a hate bill in Indiana and go to the sanctuary of the gays?

I am so proud of this cast and I commemorate them for standing up to the face of homophobia and going beyond making a Facebook comment. As a gay guy, it gives me hope in such dark times.

But I am so over it now.

While this courageous act empowers me, I’m 100% sure Donald Trump is using this minuscule scandal as a way to distract the people from what’s really going on. Everyone is guilty on both sides for falling into this snare, myself included. We’re so focused on the #BoycottHamilton hashtag and the ignorant assholes harassing people with a damn Starbucks cup that we fail to see the real issues at hand.

For starters, I want more information on Donald Trump’s court cases to come to light. Shit, in less than seven weeks he is going to take office and there is little buzz about the 2.5 million dollar settlement from his Trump University scam and we still don’t about the 13-year-old girl he allegedly raped.

Now, I’m not saying it’s false, because it’s not my place to judge someone who claims to have experienced sexual assault. I do, however, find it fishy that such an accusation has vanished in the dark. With that said, it could very well be a result of his supporters sending death threats to the family and the girl not wanting to relive such a trauma. But that’s the thing… I don’t know.

I want to know if it’s true for two reasons:

1.) I need ammunition. I need that big bullet to blast into everyone who supports this man. I need all the information I can possibly have to wipe that smirk off their faces as they arrogantly and/or blindly support the biggest idiot to have ever been elected president and

2. ) Most importantly, and above everything else, if this girl has ACTUALLY been raped, then she needs justice. She needs the man who sexually assaulted her convicted and jailed, whether it be your average, every day bloke, or a billionaire reality TV star.

But I can’t just go around claiming he’s a rapist without concrete evidence, because then I’m no better than the uninformed Trump supporters when they yelled “Well, what about those emails?” 1,000 times a day. And I’m certainly better than anyone who simply stated BENGHAZI without research of the events that took place.

When it comes to Trump and something this serious… I need all the proof.

I also want to know about Mike Pence’s email scandal that has been shadowed by Donald’s Twitter posts. Why doesn’t he want the general public to see them? What is he hiding? I mean, my GOD, we spent so long worrying about Hillary’s emails, why not dig into this while we’re at it?

If there is one thing Donald Trump is good at it’s distractions. Let the Trump supporters continue to deny everything that’s wrong with this “democracy” and let them keep giving Starbucks money. Hell, let them keep posting nasty Facebook comments about Hamilton as they watch the last season of Duck Dynasty.

As for me, and hopefully you, I want to move on from this and find the real answers.