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Yesterday, Donald Trump took one of his most foolish steps of the year — picking a fight against the platform that created him.

After decrying Twitter for its recent efforts to fact-check him, Trump has signed an executive order curtailing Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. These rules established in 1996, protect social media companies from being held responsible for questionable content posted by users. The funny thing? Donald Trump is likely to be one of the first affected by this.

I do not mean for any of this appear partisan — I simply find analyzing the implications to…

As impeachment unfolds, the Constitution cannot save us from a party unwilling to defend it.

House Intelligence Committee Hearing on Impeachment

President Donald J. Trump will soon be the third president in United States history facing the gravest form of censure: impeachment.

Every media outlet in America is racing to provide updates, seemingly by the second, to a nation overwhelmed by a problem they likely wish were over already. With that in mind, I will refrain from giving my breaking hot-takes and will simply raise a fact I have yet seen discussed as much as it should.

If Donald Trump is acquitted by the Senate, he will take this as a blank check to act however he pleases.

The Constitution cannot…

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“I think electing Republicans is better than electing Democrats… So I drew this map to help foster what I think is better for the country.”

Now I know saying, “So I drew this map” sounds like one of the least intimidating phrases in the English language, but, in this case, it actually has devastating consequences.

This quote is from David Lewis, a Republican on the North Carolina General Assembly’s redistricting committee, who is gleefully embracing the fact that he stripped millions of North Carolina citizens of having a fair election.

With each decade’s Census, politicians in most states get to…

Letters, memos, reports — by now, what are these but mere words on paper begging for scrutiny by the pundits of MSNBC?

Just weeks ago, the redacted Mueller Report was released to the public. However, hours before its release, Barr held a press conference to discuss a report none in the press had yet been allowed to read. Not much value in holding a press conference then, right? Unfortunately, it was exactly what Barr had wanted.

Barr’s tenure at the Department of Justice has not been serving as Attorney General, but as Personal Protector for Donald Trump.

Of the many…

There was “no collusion” Barr assured reporters before any at the press conference were allowed to see the report.

Of course, there is no law respecting ‘collusion’ specifically, but it is true that the Special Counsel’s Office did not find criminal conspiracy between the Trump Campaign and the Russian government.

No collusion? Fair enough. But, what about the obstruction of justice inquiry? Quite simply: the President obstructed justice… or at least tried to on numerous occasions — and just trying is enough to qualify for federal obstruction of justice.

While Mueller officially makes no determination on obstruction, he made it…

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Today, February 27, Michael Cohen appeared before the U.S. House Oversight Committee to speak publicly about numerous illegal actions taken by President Donald Trump.

The Republicans’ line of questioning almost exclusively concerned Mr. Cohen’s validity as a witness given his felony record of lying to Congress. While the significance of his previous actions should not be forgotten, it must be noted that Republicans rarely refuted the actual substance of Mr. Cohen’s testimony. Speaking candidly, his testimony primarily exposed actions the President was partaking in — criminal activity even while in office.

Republicans, grandstanding to assault Mr. Cohen’s credibility, did not…

Dylan O'Connell

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