The Steets of San Diego

Being born and raised in San Diego is something that has made me who I am today. I got the chance to take a mini-vacation recently and decided to show the city through my own lense.

San Diego from a far.
Its hard to get a day where it’s clear enought to see downtown from this beach.

The buildings in downtown San Diego create the starting point of this story. There is so much life surrounded by these massive man-made creations. However around the city is ocean and nature to be discovered. We will make our way down south to Chula Vista, which is where I grew up.

Beach Life

Where the sky, ocean, and streets meet.

San Diego is full of buildings and corporations, however the basis of my childhood was revolved around the ocean and the freiends I have made along the way. Many of whom I am still friends with today

The only things that is in my car at all times, a pair of swim fins.


Local kid admiring his “art”.

North Park is funky part of downtown San Diego. It it notorious for artists and musicians. I have met a lot of great people out of North Park, this not being one of them.

Friends and Business Owners

Adrian Ramirez, showing off his new Honda. Adrian is a owner of a local mechanic shop that specializes in Hondas.
“I can hit one-twenty in about five seconds. Want to see?”
Kyle Ranson, showing off his “Squeegee Prints” beanie. Squeegee Prints is his silk screening company that was founded back in 2013.

I have been so grateful to be surounded with people who are motivated. Above are two local business owners who I have had the pleasure of knowing for some time know. Both hilarious individuals that really take pride in their craft.

Chula Vista

One thing that keeps Chula Vista unique, the food stands on the streets. In the middle is one of my best friends Oscar Martinez and the Smoke Shop he runs right by the border. The last photo says “RIP Hector and Marlin” as it says on the back of the chair. In memory to friends that have passed away due to gang violence.

Not too many people are familiar with Chula Vista. It is the city that boarders Mexico, and is full of culture. Chula Vista is known for being somewhat ghetto and gang affiliated. Love it or hate it, it was my home and full of great food and memories that will last a life time.

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