Obama did not care for me at all!
Jay Parker (I)

I am sorry to hear about your hardships, but the blame should be put where it solidly belongs, Congressional Republicans. They blocked everything President Obama wanted to accomplish, most of which would have benefited your and millions of Americans.

As for being afraid that Trump will be “amazingly successful,” that is far from the truth. I certainly hope that he turns out to be a decent president, but the actions in his first 4 weeks of his presidency warrant absolutely NO faith that he will be.

Donald Trump is a narcissistic businessman. He has multiple bankruptcies as a businessman that somehow make him a successful businessman. Time and again, as a businessman, he has completely disregarded, cheated and insulted the average American by not paying, suing or threatening to sue people that have done work for him.

Donald Trump is wholly unfit to be President. All we can hope for is that he doesn’t completely destroy America’s standing globally and that we aren’t thrown into another unwarranted war like the last Republican President did.

Facts matter, and I am not talking “alternate facts.”

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