Can you send me some of nay sayers?
goncalo pereira

Thanks for the response! I’ll try out your config suggestions.

In terms of naysayers, Thomas Rücker — Icecast maintainer — has a couple responses against reverse-proxying Icecast:

And there have been a few other places people have spoken against it:

And I’m sure I encountered a few others in my searching that would take some more digging to find. There were a few people that had Apache reverse proxies that were not battle-tested, and someone had a workaround built with Node but that seemed a little hacked together.

Is this the “private repo” you’re referring to for KH? It seems relatively up-to-date to me.

In response to your second reply, I don’t need NGINX as load balancer. Restrictive network environment means we’re restricted to one outbound port (long story), and I need to reverse proxy a webserver running a simple Flask & WebSockets server to some of the routes.

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