Things I’ve learnt through running

1. Focus on your own race

Run life at your own pace at which it’s comfortable. Trying to catch up with the leading person would only tire you out; looking back to check if the person lagging behind is catching up would only cause you to land on the wrong footing. In life, it’s pretty much the same; we always compare ourselves with other people and end up losing our own direction. Live the best to your ability and circumstances.

2. Find your own pace

The pace at which you run will set the course for your finishing time. When running a marathon, we pace ourselves in order to finish the course at our desired timing. Sometimes, there might be hurdles — slopes, the sweltering weather — that’s where we start slowing down. Oh, wait till the instance our legs touch flat ground again and a burst of momentum breaks out. Stride by stride we leapt off the ground and strike it again. In life, at times we are at our peaks or else we’re at our troughs. Be cognisant which terrain you’re running on and set that pace.

3. Find buddies along the way

As you run, some people would overtake you and some people will join along your race to push you to your finish line. In life, you’ve got to find those friends, colleagues and mentors whom would push you further and stand by you through hurdles. It’s very much a collaborative process. What’s the fun to run a marathon alone right? Look around for those like-minded individuals and start creating magic together!

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