Great Runs in Madrid

Madrid, Spain

Madrid is one of the most iconic and vibrant cities in the European Union. Third largest, following London and Berlin, it is a hub of business, culture and tourism. While Madrid is well known for its food, history and of course, soccer, it also has some great areas to run. Madrid is home to one of the biggest parks in the world, the Casa de Campo, which is five times the size of New York City’s Central Park. This immense size and abundance of trails and roads allows for some amazing runs, that can be shortened or lengthened to any desire. In the heart of the city is the Parque de Retiro, which can be easily looped and has many views of some historic landmarks, as well as beautiful green spaces. Similarly, one can follow major avenues to see some of Madrid’s most iconic locations from the Royal Palace of Madrid, to the Museo Nacional del Prado, which is one of the best art collections in the world.

Climate in Madrid

One of the best parts about staying in Madrid is the plethora of options that are close to the center of the city. If you are staying farther away, don’t fear, most paths are an easy walk or train ride away. It is important to note that Madrid is a very large and crowded city, so often it is better to run earlier in the day to avoid large amounts of people in the park or on the sidewalks.

Madrid has a temperate climate, rarely going below forty degrees, while averaging in the comfortable seventies, but often going hotter, in the summer months. There is occasional rain, but not often. The topography is fairly flat, for most of Spain being rolling plains.

The Iconic Routes

  1. Parque de Retiro
  2. Parque de Casa Campo
  3. Historic Sites Loop
  4. Madrid River
  5. Anillo Verde

The Routes

Parque de Retiro

2.6 mile RT. Can be looped easily. Start: Puerta de Alcala MAP

Buen Retiro Park

Madrid can be a congested city, but it contains some of the most beautiful parks in the world. For example, the Parque de Retire dates back to the 19th century, when it used to belong to the monarchy, but was later given to the public. This is one of the best runs in the city for many reasons. Firstly, it is easily customizable, with many small paths that run throughout. Secondly, it is very easily loop-able. You can run along the edge of the park with ease, like a large track. Feel free to experiment with your own paths or take ours!

Casa de Campo

4 mile RT. Start: Royal Palace of Madrid MAP

This massive parks is one of the best destinations in the city, period. It is home to a zoo, amusement park and much more. It is also home to miles of paths that reach across its greenery. Our path starts at a recognizable landmark near the center of the city, but this is just a small section of the park. Depending on where you enter, this huge park can offer up routes that are easily over fifteen miles long. Feel free to explore and enjoy this park’s beauty, as well as its great areas for running.

Historic Sites in Madrid

4.7 mile RT. Start: Museo Nacional de Prado MAP

Entrance of the Museum