Customer Service Win

or How I Received Almost 400 Pounds of Cat Litter.

I am lazy. Like super lazy. I prefer not going to a store to purchase cat litter. First it is heavy, second it is really heavy. We typically buy between 80 to 120 pounds at a go which is a lot to get off the shelves, into a cart and then into my car. Of course I cannot leave it in my car so that means I have to carry it into my house from the car and then distribute it to the many litter boxes that are spread around our house. This is where Amazon Prime comes in handy.

Being able to order the amount of litter we need and have it delivered to our door is the best. In fact I have done it on two previous occasions and it was wonderful. 80 pounds of litter just showed up. I still had to carry it off the porch but it was so much better then going to the store. It was about time to replace all of the litter in the boxes and we were out so I placed an order for 160 pounds of litter.

I used Amazon Prime like normal and went with the included three day shipping. I was pumped because I would be able to get the litter changed out on the weekend. I was excited, well maybe not excited but pleased. That all changed.

On Thursday October 8th I got a text message saying there was an exception to the delivery. That USPS was unable to deliver the package. So I checked the Amazon website.

This is weird.

I was a little confused since they had delivered it on previous occasions no problem. I was at work so I couldn’t look at the slip but I could send out an annoyed tweet.

I felt like this tweet was a nice combination of humor and sass. Of course it didn’t provoke a response from amazon, which while disappointing was not unexpected.

I figured amazon was quite busy and wasn’t concerned with the matters of my litter conundrum. So I did a bit more research. Following the tracking information I discovered that they cannot leave packages unattended. So I sent out this tweet.

Petco has been our go to pet store for food, etc. for quite a while. The only reason I didn’t go there for litter was the aforementioned laziness. Again there was no response for @amazon but @petco stepped up their game. The gist is that they asked me DM them my address and they would send me some litter. This was an interesting and unexpected turn of events.

Once I got home I found the slip from the mail person in my mailbox. Apparently the reason that the packages were not delivered is not that they cannot leave packages unattended but instead that they were heavy. That is why I wanted them delivered in the first place.

I contacted amazon support at this point to find out why they suddenly were unable to deliver packages that had previously been deliverable. The response I got was that they were very sorry and that the reason was that they can’t leave packages unattended. I responded that the notice said that the packages were heavy. They created a replacement order, which was when I realized I was going to receive a lot of kitty litter.

Wednesday, just a little less then a week after it should have arrived, the first amazon order showed up. Thursday I got the message from Petco that they had shipped us a package that would arrive on Friday. Also on Thursday I got a notice that the second order from Amazon couldn’t be delivered because they were Very Heavy.

I haven’t emailed Amazon about this second exception to the delivery because they would probably just create another replacement order which wouldn’t be delivered because it is extra super heavy. I feel as if they didn’t address the problem but just hoped that by giving me free litter I would continue to have confidence in Amazon Prime.

Petco on the other had followed up with me multiple time even going so far as to compliment Ramona Jangles. When dealing with Petco I felt like an appreciated customer and not just another faceless prime member. Considering how Amazon is focused on building the Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company I am disappointed.

Notice Ramona hanging out in the background not caring.

Petco upped their game by including a few personal touches in the package with the litter, which was delivered with zero problems or exceptions. This included a hand written note and gift card.

I understand that it is hard for big companies to engage in this kind of customer service but Petco did a great job of making me into an even more loyal customer and driving a wedge, however small, between me and Amazon. It has to be hard for companies that have brick and mortar stores to compete with Amazon’s prices and the convenience on online shopping but if they are willing to engage with their customers it will create more loyal customers.

Thanks Petco.

Thanks Petco for going out of your way to get me some cat litter. Also thank you so much for the gift card. I will take Ramona to do a shopping spree at the local store. Last time we were there she had her eye on a new cat tree to use to rule her domain. She is also super happy for the new box.

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