Dylan Reed
Nov 1, 2018 · 1 min read

No time for kindness
Living with fear
This isn’t funny
Starting over
Here we sit
Watching again

It starts, again
Anger over kindness
Leaving them to sit
Covered in fear
Is it over?
Isn’t it funny?

Laugh!! It’s funny
It begins again
When will it be over?
This time choose kindness
Instead of fear
Still we sit

They squirm, we sit
Lack of compassion, funny
Embracing fear
When it starts again
There is no kindness
Everything is over

A new leaf turns over
As we sit
A chance for kindness
Don’t be funny
Missed it again
The winner: Fear

All hail fear
Its never over
Winning again and again
While we sit
Looking for what is funny
Instead of choosing kindness