Bernie supporters were (and are) right

Throughout the Democratic Primary, Bernie supporters accused the Democratic National Committee for having Clinton bias. Media dismissed these accusations and Hillary Clinton did not address these concerns. DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz often stated that she was “neutral.”

While many did not see the clear bias in the primary, it was always clear to us, Bernie supporters. From the beginning, there were only six debates, while previous years had a significantly higher amount of debates. Debates were scheduled at times where Americans watch the least TV, often conflicting with major TV shows and sporting games.

Election and voter fraud reports were common, and these reports were always in states that Clinton won. Whether it was in Iowa which Clinton won by .2 percentage points, or in New York (my home state) where thousands of Democrats were purged from voting. This did not just occur in these two states, in fact it occurred in dozens of state primaries.

Most dismissed these reports and Bernie supporters being “sore losers,” but as the primary came to an end many stopped dismissing these concerns.

WikiLeaks leaked DNC emails, which showed clear bias in the system. Top DNC officials discussed ways to smear Bernie Sanders and his campaign, such as attacking his faith and potentially painting him as an atheist in more religious states.

DNC officials were also found calling Secretary Clinton the “presumptive nominee” as early as April, two months before primaries ended. While Clinton was in the lead, this shows a clear bias in the party as Clinton was two months away from officially becoming the presumptive nominee.

A Politico reporter also granted the DNC the right to edit his articles, and would run stories by the DNC before his articles were published.

DNC emails also suggest that their may have been plants inside the Bernie Sanders Campaign. These were desparate attempts to try and sabotage Bernie’s campaign to ensure Clinton would be coronated in June.

Now nearly half a year after the primary ended, more leaks came out proving what Bernie was saying all along. Clinton spoke about needing a “public and private position” on issues. This is exactly what we were concerned about, and our concerns turned out to be reality.