The cost of college is absurd

The past few days I’ve been in the Washington D.C/Maryland area. I spent time with my parents touring the University of Maryland and American University, and also walked around D.C.

The trip’s purpose was to tour colleges since I am coming to the end of my Junior year in high school. I really enjoyed both colleges, especially since both schools are extremely politically involved (especially AU) since I want to major in political science. Both schools offer amazing programs and internships that are awesome. Theres just one problem: the cost of college.

I come from Long Island, New York and live in a upper middle class/upper class neighborhood. I would say my family is better off than most, but the steep price of $61 thousand a year is absurd, as that price is higher than the average American family’s income.

College tuition cost has increased exponentially (you probably need scientific notation to calculate the change over the past few decades) and incomes are staying the same. This is a problem, as most colleges increase their tuition a few thousand dollars every year.

The issue of skyrocketing college costs is a topic of discussion in the presidential election, however I think it is safe to say that the Democrats talk about the issue on a much more regular basis. Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have proposed plans to help kids pay for college, lower interest rates, and even make public college tuition-free.

The problem with the United States’ education system is that they punish students who want to be educated with insane interest rates and tuition costs that could in total feed the homeless and then some.

It should always be the goal to have an educated workforce, but as America gives steep tuition and lots of debt to it’s youth, education becomes not as important to many. If we want to lead the world in innovation and have the most educated people, colleges must stop putting money before it’s purpose.

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