Why Hillary’s health is actually a major issue

After learning that Secretary Clinton has pneumonia, many conspiracy theorists came up with illnesses to diagnose Clinton with. Instead of speculating and trying to diagnose Clinton, I think it is important to speak about how the past few days has been a major issue for the former Secretary of State.

It is no secret to anybody that Hillary Clinton has extremely high unfavorability ratings and is known to be extremely transparent. Additionally, Clinton is viewed by many Americans as dishonest. Clinton trying to hide the fact that she was sick is only going to hurt her when it comes to being seen as transparent and honest.

According to the Clinton Campaign, Clinton was diagnosed last Friday with pneumonia. This did not become known until Sunday, after Clinton left a 9/11 Memorial Service early in Manhattan, when press was originally told she would stay for the entire event.

The Clinton Campaign originally stated that Clinton left early because she felt “overheated.” Later on in the day, a video leaked that showed HRC having trouble standing up, and collapsing when trying to enter her vehicle.

The vehicle took HRC to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment in New York City, and HRC eventually left the apartment and briefly took a photo with a little girl and told the press she was feeling “much better.”

That night, the Clinton Camp officially stated that Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia two days prior. While it is sad that Secretary Clinton is sick, many are seeing this day as troubling. The campaign originally said she was overheated, and then later said she was diagnosed with pneumonia a few days before.

This can damage HRC’s transparency numbers even further, as many see this as the Clinton Campaign trying to cover up her illness.

There is still a lot of speculation. If Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, then why would she be posing for a photo with a little girl and placing her hands on her shoulders? Pneumonia is indeed contagious, and the last thing any wants to do is make a child sick.

See this is the problem. Millions of Americans are speculating what could be wrong with HRC and even trying to diagnose her with other illnesses and diseases ranging from Parkinson’s to AIDS to autism. The reason so many are speculating is because Clinton has been known to be dishonest, and she tends to be a very private person. Many struggle to find out if what they see and hear is true, and this will not end anytime soon.