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Your response is extremely stereotypical. As a millennial, I can say that many millennials and I do not focus on “gender identity.” This is still new to us just like it is to most Americans. The difference is we just don’t care how someone would like to identify; it is not impacting our lives, so let people live how they would like to.

How do we not stand for diversity?

Millennials actually like free speech, that is why we distrust the media just as much as Trump supporters due to corporate media censorship. Like most groups of people, there are extreme positions. As a progressive and a millennial, I find safe spaces completely ignorant and unjustified. Again, stop with your invalid stereotypes.

Nice job with the feminist attack too, it is a shame that I never blamed white men and very few people do. I am a white man. I do understand though that there is racial injustice, and most conservatives do too- we just differ in the ways to combat it.

You also ignored all the points I made in my article, so I guess you do not have valid arguments against them. And next time you complain about millennials, remember who raised them!

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