Why Adding Color to a Greyscale Image is More Difficult than it Seems

It seems that, above anything else, when it comes to creating a piece of artwork the Values are the most talked-about, most critiqued, and overall (no pun intended) most valued aspect of the image. It seems that way because anyone who has asked for help, or who has given it, has made Value their top discussing point. I once read online that Values make up around 90% of an artwork and Color a mere 10%. In this article, I’m going to explain to you what is wrong with that statement.

First, let’s just get the explanation out of the…

…as long as it looks a lot like “Plan A.”

Sometimes it takes years before a person finds something they are passionate about, and even longer for them to figure out how to make that passion into their business, but if it is truly what they want to pursue for the rest of their life, then the choice of whether or not to take that path is made in an instant; yes.

But it isn’t always that easy for others to accept, and the world doesn’t let you simply fall into your new role easily, so you will quickly find mention of something like a “Plan B.” A “what…

Catherine Bell

So I had some time to do a study and chose a photo of Catherine Bell. Here are some process pics:

This is the photo I chose. A couple of reasons I went with this picture over a few others are that I like the lighting scheme and that there are a few textures here that I’ve never painted before.


First off, the lighting is coming in at an angle, which is great for reading forms. There isn’t much point to doing a study if you gain no insight into how light works from looking at the picture, and…

Dylan Safford

freelance artist/illustrator and fan of mythological symbolism

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