Pet peeve of mine..when you Trumpanzees screw up grammar
Sandra Wade

Oh no my grammar annoys you

Do you know what that says about you

It shows your just a highly educated moron while I am a self thinker who only got my year 10 certificate but my knowledge of the world is just as good if not more than yourself.

You are also the type of person who thinks correcting grammar and spelling mistakes takes the substance away from my argument.

Good god I would love to see you in a verbal debate with me I would destroy you with about half of what I could produce with you using notes and me just using my memory.

The only thing I was good at in school was my debate class that I was 2nd in my year and civics studies.

Let me guess you got great results in English maths and got amazing test results because you could parrot back in the exact way you had written in your text book all threw class.

And I also wouldn’t be surprise if you have a huge amount of debt and have a job that doesn’t pay you enough to pay the debt back and save for a house so you probably rent.

Well I owe nothing I have paid off 1/2 of my home loan and have no debit in my bank account while all I do is run an internet business for my parents.

if anything I have written about your current situation is wrong I will immediately apologise but something tells me I am pretty close to the truth

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