LOL your poor grammar and bad spelling DO take away from your argument — it demonstrates how…
Sandra Wade

Typical leftist garbage acting so superior and above everyone and you wonder why Clinton lost

And you are so correct we can fact check now and isn’t it amazing the amount websites proving the left have either lied or made it seem like they care when they don’t.

And I’m sure when you go to you soak it all in thinking see I knew they are lying while not realising how many times they have called something a lie while using a news story/false data that has since been retracted or revised

And how eye opening the latest undercover reporting with the CNN producers has been.

But hey the left are perfect people in every way possible they don’t lie and cheat no they are the perfect in every way possible 😂😂😂

Re my spelling and grammar

once again that shows you think your better than me and that you obviously have a disgusting personality and a disgraceful way of looking at someone’s different views and even worse them as a person.

To you if i spell something incorrectly or have bad grammar then that specific view/subject (unless it is one you support) must be wrong or invalid. Quote therefore aren’t qualified to discuss substantive issues. Sorry, you just aren’t.

Actually being around you would be someone’s worse nightmare a leftist shill who thinks if you can’t spell something well you have no write to think or have differing views on anything. I’m shore in your group of shallow model friends that’s ok but anywhere else I doubt that you would get past the second sentence with that attitude (but that’s just my opinion and because I am shore I have made spelling and or grammar mistakes you think it isn’t valid)

But I say give it a try next time you meet someone say to them what’s your view on such and such then ask them can you spell what ever and see the look they will give you. We both know what they will be thinking “huh what the hell is this pompous cow on about asking me to spell a word before we can continue the conversation“

And now to your point about earning more money I am not in a pissing match with you i was making a very common point that more people now have huge amounts of college debt and don’t own a house because of it.

So I take it back and I apologise you earn so much more than me a hour your life must be so good in that fake and irrelevant world of modelling wow you must wake up look in the mirror and think when I get a little bit older/fatter/skinnier/pregnant and on and on no more jobs wow I suppose I have the same problem I wake up and think when I get old I won’t oh hang on that’s write I use my brain to earn money not what I look like.

Well I have really enjoyed this I love a good argument especially with someone who thinks they are better than me

So looking forward to the next reply hay who knows maybe you will just concentrate on what your views are about the problems with the republicans (unlike you leftists fools I don’t goose step behind the republicans I can freely admit they have faults maybe you should try it with the left go on it won’t pop your brain you can say you disagree with someone while agreeing with the rest of what they say I know it’s a hard thing to get your mind around but I assure you it is possible) and try not give me another English lesson Please 😂😂😂

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