Finding Ways To Stay Motivated

Since vacation I’ve been completely out of a routine and it’s killing me. My workouts are sporadic and my diet is all over the place, but that all changes now. For a lot of people, they are self motivated. This means that no matter what life throws at them, they can still accomplish their goals. They don’t need friends or training partners to push them past their limits, all they need is to hold themselves accountable. While I wish this was the case for me, it’s just not.

I find myself doing my absolute best when there is other people to push me along. When I have people struggling right there with me, it seems to make every rep that much easier. This may come as a surprise to many of you because of how much I run. For instance, today I ran 10 miles all by myself. Many would say that this takes a lot of self motivation. The fact of the matter is, if I did not have a marathon coming up in October and hadn’t told multiple people that I set out to hit double digits today, I would have stayed my ass in bed. The last thing I want to do when that alarm goes off is go for a run, but I do it because I have other things driving me.

This accountability, what I refer to as training partners, is my biggest motivation. Lately though it seems like my whole crew has been in a funk. Even the guys who didn’t go on vacation just haven’t been wanting to do it lately. We get together and find ourselves getting breakfast or playing video games instead. Even though we’re right there, ready to work out, we find a way to get out of it. So what do you do when your buggest form of motivation is gone? For me, I shake things up.

I’ve been in this really slow period for so long that I need to mix it up. What this means is that I’m going to get really, really strict. Diet and exercise are the number one prioirty right now and I’m going to be laser focused over the next 8 weeks or so. This isn’t going to be easy with my current lack of motivation but I’m taking steps toward ensuring I am held accountable. This in itself is a form of motivation to me. By speaking it out into the world, I’m taking away any form of hiding. If I were to keep this in my head, with the same goals in mind, I’d be more likely to slack off or give up. But, by telling everyone, it makes it so that I have to stick to it and put in the work.

Another way I like to stay motivated is to make bets with my friends. Even though they haven’t been motivated either, when you put something on the line, it finds a way to make you work. I’m not entirely sure of the details as to how this is going ot work out, but we’re going to be putting money into a pot for every skipped workout. Whoever misses the least amount of days at the end of the designated time will then win that money.

This may seem extreme and a lot of work to some. You may be saying to just get off my ass and go work out, but it’s not that simple for everyone. Some can do it alone, some need peers and others need extra motivation. I tend to fall into the latter two categories and am utilizing them to make sure I keep working. Whatever works for you, might not work for everyone else, but that’s okay! You’ve got to do whatever it takes to help you reach your goals, whatever those goals may be. So stop beating yourself up because you can’t be self motivated. Neither can I and there’s a lot of others out there just like you. Whatever you do, don’t stop working!