To be blunt, I think you yourself are proving my point.
Andrew Patricio

I’m not talking about Trump at all Andrew. What about my previous post gave you the impression that I’m condemning you for a perception of Trump apologetics? Here you are guilty of mischaracterizing my entire argument in the light of the responses you’re getting about Trump. Go back and read what I actually wrote — not what you want to hear.

I fundamentally disagree that reality is relative. There are some relative issues, usually involving moral decisions, but you cannot impute relativity where empirical data shows objective truth. Gravitational acceleration on Earth is 9.8 m/s squared — no matter how you spin it.

Again, like I said in my previous post, it is dangerous to discount empirical data because “everything is relative.” You cited zero evidence in support of an assertion you claim to be a truth about human psychology and this is a bad precedent to set. Perspectives based on objective fact, when available, are a very good thing. Claiming that there is no truth and everyone’s opinion is valid is ridiculous. And I’m not talking about Trump so don’t even try that bullshit. I’m talking about Holocaust deniers, flat earthers, moon landing conspiracists, and 9/11 truthers. Some opinions are wrong. Deal with it.