Ancient Occult Facts About the Brain Unknown to Neuroscientists:
Louis Savain

I can’t tell if this is genuine or not; I’ll respond as if it is, but please correct me if not. Neuroscience PhD student with some specific questions about your hypotheses.

Have you looked into any of the scientific literature on task-switching? This is a pretty established field, so you should be able to find information backing or refuting your time-scale. From my understanding, task-switching can vary drastically depending on levels of distractors, general alertness, and relative importance of the task at hand.

The idea that the brain can only focus attention for 12.6 seconds seems like it would be behaviorally ineffective: There are so many things we need to tend to, and they span orders of magnitude in the time required to complete. There is evidence for hemispheric dynamics being important for task switching, but it has been observed at every time scale (1 switch/second, 1 switch/10 seconds, 1 switch/ several minutes) depending on the actual task. What specific kind of task switching do you think your 12.6 seconds applies to?

Could you expand on what you mean by a “neuronal cycle?” A single action potential or firing event in the brain usually lasts about ~1ms, while different neuronal subtypes can integrate information from anywhere between 1 ms to several minutes. What’s so special about this 10 ms?

This would be more convincing if you could show how science and your research actually correlate, rather than just saying “I found these metaphors and they must mean this”

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