So I’m finally writing a book…

Dylan Wilbanks
Sep 5, 2017 · 2 min read (yes, that’s a Mongolian typewriter)

Over my nearly 20 years in the web and design worlds, I’ve been asked when the heck I’m going to write a book. And I haven’t. Time feels like an easy excuse, but honestly, I’ve struggled finding the right ideas to convey in a book.

I’m a generalist, after all. I’m not someone who’s going to offer deep insight into the minutiae of how to work with an API or on how to deal with a very niche part of the UX process. And niches are how people get a following — and work. If I said “CSS grids,” two women would surely come to mind. “Design thinking” is another niche idea (albeit an old one) that has been tied to a set of people and a set of design firms.

Us generalists, well, we just keep working, thinking broadly, and never getting a book deal because it’s all so interesting.

And then one afternoon, in need of a distraction from These Times We Live In, I spent 90 minutes writing up my thoughts for new designers. And… well, it’s been read. A lot. Over 10,000 times, in fact.

I’d been toying around with a “primer for UX” for a while, a book that explained the fundamentals of how the user experience world worked — and what you needed to be successful in it. It’s a book that feels necessary. I’m asked constantly for my thoughts on breaking into the industry, picking the right things to focus on, how to plot a course from junior designer to senior designer to principal.

If 10,000 people want to read something I wrote about these subjects, read it to the end, and highlight just about every sentence, I’m guessing there is an audience for this.


I’m writing the book and will self-publish it sometime in early 2018. I don’t have a title yet. But I’m going to do my damnest to write a book that designers can go back to over and over again during their journey through the design world.

Sign up to hear first when it’s ready. I promise I won’t email you much, and I might even send out some previews.

I’m not under the belief that this will be easy. But, then, what’s the point of doing the easy thing?

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