I’ve Been Wearing COATS of Procrastination…

Everyone experiences procrastination.

No matter how driven and hardworking we are, we still procrastinate due to multiple reasons.

Maybe it’s because we run out of inspiration.

Or because we get tired and need a break.

Or we’re simply being lazy.

That’s normal. We’re humans after all.

Even machines delay sometimes. Think about those lags and unexpected shutdowns.

Interestingly, procrastination comes in TWO forms:

  1. The obvious procrastination (this is obvious to most people)
  2. The subtle procrastination (Beware: this is the silent killer)

The OBVIOUS PROCRASTINATION happens when we substitute our necessary activities with the shallow, mindless ones.

We simply want to put off our necessary work to a later time.

We’re hooked to short term pleasure.

For examples, we:

  • Play games mindlessly instead of reading books
  • Stay in the bed instead of jogging in the park
  • Spend time on social media instead of working on our side-project
  • Pretend to be cool instead of approaching the person we want to know

Fortunately, it is easily recognizable.

On the other hand…the SUBTLE PROCRASTINATION is trickier to spot.

Instead of working on shallow or mindless activities, we engage in SEEMINGLY important and meaningful activities.

But they’re not.

The funny thing is, we often make this kind of decision emotionally. Sometimes even subconsciously. Then we back it up rationally.

We coat our procrastination so beautifully that we don’t even feel we’re doing it.

The reason I know this is because I’ve been there. Many activities I used to engage in were in fact, procrastination in disguise. I’ve been wearing COATS of procrastination…And so much time was wasted.

I really wish I realized the mistake earlier…

Anyway, here’s an example.

John stays up late in his office desk not due to work, but because he wants to delay his side project. He keeps himself busy by scanning through his work documents mindless.

He feels hardworking and productive that way.

But the truth is, he’s simply being lazy, but he doesn’t admit to himself. Instead, he comes up with various rational reasons for staying up late in the office. Deep in his heart, he knows that he’s procrastinating.

Then, years go by and his side project never gets started…

See…That’s the subtle form of procrastination.

It’s subtle because we engage in seemingly important things…when we DON’T. We feel hardworking, but we’re not. We feel productive, but we’re not. We feel that we’re doing the right things, but we’re not.

The SUBTLE PROCRASTINATION is the silent killer of our dreams, because we can hardly spot and eliminate them. It may waste your time in years.

Below, I’ll show you a few more examples of subtle procrastination so you can spot them more easily in future:

  • You trap yourself in endless reading instead of taking the right actions.
  • You immerse yourself in old thinking ways instead of improving yourself.
  • Instead of deciding to be happy right now, you keep telling yourself that you’d be happy after achieve X and Y.

While procrastination is inherent in every human being, we must be aware and not consumed by it silently.

Together we improve,
Dylan Woon

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