WHY Am I Doing This?

Why am I doing this?

Why am I putting myself out there?

Why am I making myself visible online?

Why am I carving out my already-packed schedule for writing?

Why am I writing when I’m not sure whether you will read them?

Why am I writing without really knowing its R.O.I?

Why am I doing what I’m doing?


I’m not an attention seeker.

Maybe occasionally — but definitely not all of the time.

Being under the limelight somewhat drains me…

Putting myself out there does require mindset shifts, which takes work…

And is somewhat stressful.

Maybe it’s because I’m new to all these.

Or because I know how far I am from perfection…

Even though I have multiple topics queuing in my mind, setting up the project, putting those insights into words and refining them still aren’t easy tasks.

Pretty tough in fact.

Maybe all these tasks will become easy some day.

Maybe they won’t.

I don’t know…

I’ve also cut down my time for other activities to write.

Do I get paid from writing? Of course not.

Most content are FREE out there.

You can access to the top 1% content through a simple Google search.

I know that. That’s what I do too…

Which brings to my next point — uncertain R.O.I.

I’ve nothing to elaborate about this since I genuinely have no idea for now.

But I know one thing for sure…

Giving is blessing.

I’m writing because I genuinely want to provide you value.

For now, the best thing I can give you is value, through my words.

Words are power. I firmly believe some of my words can help you in constructive ways.

You can discard 99% of what I’ve written. As long as you can find only ONE GEM in my entire blog, I’ll be honored to impact you in a positive way.

I do wanna impact you and those people who want to grow themselves to the next level.

If I care and want to truly provide value to people, I must put people’s interest over mine.

So I’ll write and put myself out there anyway even though sometimes I don’t feel comfortable (yet).

My “why” is to bring you something valuable. It’s fulfilling.

That’s all that matters.

Together we improve,
Dylan Woon

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