Tech companies: these are the perks (and benefits) I want.
Tara Vox

As a new parent I can’t say enough how important it is to actually be there for your child. These are the days that form your child into who they will be. However, because of work I am in a position where at 12 weeks I have to now turn my daughter over to daycare that cost almost as much as my mortgage, so I can come in and slave for you. Let’s say I am super excited about it! And that’s just one child.

I am a software engineer of almost 10 years that works at a remote sight (forced to wear a collar and khakis) but have to earn my PTO and the capability to work from home is non-existent. I have job security and I am paid well, so what to risk is the question. You have to pick your battles but I am pretty much working remotely and collar and khakis come on, I talk to know one outside of my team, no customers, nothing in sales period. So I get dressed up for my PC, what does that mean.

Stepping off the soap box, but thank you for writing this article. It’s not just tech companies but all companies that need to read this. All companies should become employee owned (ESOPs). This way you don’t have the unrealistic driving the ship, their lives are great why would they care.

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