Dylan Cook | UX Designer at Purplebricks

The latest candidate to take on the 7 Questions, Dyl takes us into the world of UX Design, give us an insight of exactly what it’s like to be part of a growing design team here at Purplebricks.

1. It’s Monday morning, what’s the first thing you do?

Remote working means I no longer have my hour commute! So it’s a casual stroll downstairs before sticking the kettle on and wondering what Friday’s Dyl did last!

My desk/kitchen table is usually covered in loads of notes from the previous week. Seriously, it’s like I’m making a nest of information. …

Dylan Cook | UX Designer at Purplebricks

In How to plan a successful remote ideation session — Part I, we covered all the elements needed to successfully prepare for your ideation before getting started. To re-cap;

  1. Invites sorted — ✅ check!
  2. Teams organised — ✅ check!
  3. Agenda set — ✅ check!
  4. White board area created — ✅ check!

Time to get started

So, the day for your ideation session has arrived and you’re ready with your plan of action! We’ve talked about the importance of planning the agenda for your session, but not gone into what it consists of. There are a wealth of…

Dylan Cook | UX Designer at Purplebricks

I love an ideation session. They’re an opportunity to get people from different roles and experiences, who wouldn’t normally work with each other, to solve a problem together. Before the pandemic hit, we’d get together in front of our trusty whiteboards with post-it notes and sketch till we had various solutions to test. Now we live in a world where the only time we see people of different roles and experiences is during our weekly trip to the supermarket.

It’s clear we have to do things remotely, which might be a bit of…

Dyl Cook

UI/UX Designer, Illustrator, film buff, one-time podcast host and general weirdo!

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