It is disrespectful to lesbians (and gay men) that our homosexuality is being redefined, which is…
Wendy Lev

I don’t call people TERFs because of their sexual orientation. I’m sure their are heterosexual TERFs and bisexual TERFs too.

As for your defending the sexual meaning of homosexual, that works for you, but it does not work for some cis homosexual people who still consider themselves homosexual being with a trans person of their same gender.

Not all, obviously, but the LWithTheT hashtag that followed GetTheLOut showed us that your thinking on this is not representative of all homosexual, cis people.

I dated a gay, cis man. I consider myself a gay man. He still considered himself as homosexual despite being with me, a trans man.

Yes, your definition of homosexual is correct, but it also has another definition in relation to gender. That definition is not only used by trans people, but cis people too. Especially if a trans person has gone “all the way".

You consider yourself a lesbian woman right? I consider myself a gay man. But I don’t tell people whether they can or can’t ID as lesbian or gay (which I’ve seen you do), because it’s not my place.

Yes, I’ve heard of the cotton ceiling. I don’t think that is right. Trans people can call themselves whatever sexual orientation they like, but if, for example, a cis lesbian does not want to date a trans lesbian, that is not transphobic.

That is something the trans community is split over. If a gay guy doesn’t want to date me because I am trans, I’m not going to blame him. He wants a penis. To be perfectly honest, pre op, I am physically repulsed having sexual relations with anyone. But, I like dating men (cis or trans) with a penis. I could not date someone with a vagina, and I could not date a pre op trans woman. I just don’t like vaginas. And that’s ok!

This rhetoric of its transphobic to not date someone because they are trans is quite ridiculous. Most people’s sexual orientation is based on primary and secondary sex characteristics.