Homosexuality (gay and lesbian) is same biological sex sexual and romantic attraction.
Wendy Lev

The problem with your narrow-mindedness is that you are dictating other people’s sexual orientation. Now that is homophobic.

If a cis lesbian wishes to date trans lesbians, are you going to strip her of her lesbian identity? Because she doesn’t conform to your worldview?

The same with a cis gay man who is ok dating trans men. Is he no longer gay? According to you, no.

According to their human rights, they don’t have to put up with your blatant homophobia and can identify as lesbian or gay if that describes them.

As much as you keep saying homophobia, in this conversation, *you* are the homophobe.

You are actively telling people what they can and cannot identify as. How they can and cannot label themselves. If you don’t consider that homophobic behaviour, then you should have no problem with the cotton ceiling. It’s the same disgusting behaviour on both sides. And both sides are wrong.

I honestly don’t understand how you don’t get it!

Cis lesbian woman can date other cis women and/or trans women if she so wishes *and* she can still call herself a lesbian and identify with that term.

The same goes for cis men.

Just because you personally do not want to be with a trans woman (I’m assuming), that doesn’t give you the right to dictate to others how they can identify.

Your homophobic rhetoric actively discriminates against cis lesbians and gay men who date cis and/or trans people. Yet you (and others) say the TERF ideology is to stop lesbian erasure. You are actively erasing lesbians. Do you not see that? Did you not see the LWithTheT hashtag I mentioned that followed the GetTheLOut hashtag?

Do you see how you are being homophobic, not just to trans people, but to cis people too? The people you say you defend. Or do you simply not believe that any cis lesbian woman would ever date a trans woman and still call herself a lesbian? (If that’s the case, I have some news for you).

Also, you lost me a bit when you referred to actual/real transsexuals. I personally prefer that word, but I understand it has lost favour since non-binary genders became more known about etc. Which part of anything I have said (either here on in replies to your comment on another article) is doing some sort of disservice to transsexuals?

Before calling others homophobic, you should consider your own homophobia.

P.s. if you have read my other reply on another article, you will see that I vehemently disagree with cis lesbians/gay men being called transphobic for not wanting to date a trans person (something I assume you also disagree with).

Having this view, how is what I am saying homophobic?🤷‍♂️