BCT Day 1

I previously posted my discharge from the military. But will continue what I did experience, from what I can remember (it’s been almost a year since I was discharged). I did keep a journal, but it was during my time as a hold over, and what started out as a letter to mail home, turned in to a daily journal (and then two) of each day’s events.

Our bunks were given to us after our long walk upstairs to our bay, where we were assigned our bunks, in alphabetical order. Luckily I was only a couple bunks away from a kid I had became friends with in reception, so it was nice to know that I had a “real” battle buddy.

I quickly realized (which will be explained later) that my bunkmate, who was above me — was an awful bunkmate.

Our first day started as it did in reception, wake up 0530 — which changed quickly to 0500, as we realized we didn’t give ourselves nearly enough time to get ready — you don’t realize how long it takes to get into ACUs until your screamed at to get dressed.

We made our way down to the breezeway where we fell into formation. We then were instructed on our daily roll call. After the seemingly too quick explanation we made our way to the pit. Still in formation we ended up several feet from each other, as instructed, to get our first taste of our morning routine — PT. We started with stretches, and then worked our way to pushups, and then on to a bit more strenuous tasks like holding our feet about six inches from the ground while trying to keep your abs as tight as possible, so not to let your feet hit the ground.

After our first PT, we ran upstairs for a restroom break and to get changed into our ACUs. We then fell back in to formation downstairs where we were each issued a weapon/rifle. Once we were all back in formation we made our way to the classroom (we spent a lot of time here).

We learned some basics about military conduct. Addressing an officer, addressing an NCO, etc etc.

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