The media is still perpetuating racism

It’s 2017 — for the past eight years we’ve had a black president. Which means the majority of the states in this country voted for him. Not only that, but President Obama received 69.5 million votes in 2008 — the largest amount a presidential candidate has received in the nation’s history. There were over 131 million votes cast, in 2008, representing over 43% of the nation’s population (the largest voter turnout, at the time).

That in itself should be enough to squash constant claims of racism spreading like a virus throughout the nation. But, if that was the case, I wouldn’t be writing this — and B.E.T wouldn’t have anything to write about.

To continue from the first paragraph, and explaining a bit more on the demographics of the country… the total black population in 2010 was 38.9 million. So, assuming that every single black person in the country voted — including everyone under the age of 18… which means there are still 30.6 million votes that weren’t from black voters (again, assuming all of the black votes went to Obama and that’s including every single black person in the nation (from age 0–100+). As we know, you can’t vote if you are younger than 18… but we’re not going to dive in too deep, as we could explore mathematics forever and still come to the conclusion that the majority of Obama’s votes were from non-black Americans.

But… according to B.E.T and outspoken figures representing civil rights and black rights — there is a racial epidemic.

On January 8, 2017, B.E.T posted an article regarding a franchise owner of Dairy Queen using an ethnic slur towards a woman and her child. Obviously, the woman and her child were black — and I’m sure you can determine what the slur was.

Whether or not this is newsworthy is irrelevant. And honestly, I wouldn’t have even opened the article if the description of the article didn’t throw the “you’re all racist” card.

The description read, “Donald Trump’s election to the presidency is apparently giving license to people all across the country to express their racist feelings.”

Whoa… hold the phone.

What kind of crap is that? They are stirring the race pot, and it’s practically empty. Firstly, Donald Trump is not racist. Unless of course you’re a writer for liberal media.

In fact, The Huffington Post actually wrote an article titled “Here are 15 examples of Donald Trump being racist”. So let’s break it down, and see how their claims are substantiated.

  1. Some of his top advisers and cabinet picks have histories of prejudice. Seriously? That’s your first point? That some of his picks have history of being prejudice…. wow. I’m not a racist — but does the fact that my late great-grandmother (born in the 1920’s) was, make me one for being associated with her? The answer is no.
  2. Trump denied responsibility for the racist incidents that followed his election. Now, according to THP’s source, Southern Poverty Law Center — there were 900 hate incidents in the 10 days following the election. Which sounds like a lot… but in reality the FBI’s UCR reported nearly 6,000 hate crimes in 2012 (which means 500/month). According the the NCVS, nearly 294,000 hate crime victimizations occurred in 2012 (or 24,500/month). So, saying that there were 900 from November 8th to November 18th actually falls in line with what is typical (that’s not to say it’s accepted, but that it’s following statistics). THP says nearly 40% of those incidents (~300) invoked Trump’s name or his slogan “Make America Great Again”. So apparently, 300 people in a swarm of hundreds of millions of people represent the majority of people that don’t commit hate crimes. To put that into perspective, and using that same logic, there were 14 militants of Al-Qaeda that were the cause of 9/11. So do those 14 (Muslims) represent the entirety of Muslims? If so, then that’s racist. But you may say — no, those 14 only represent the rest of Al-Qaeda. And to that I’d say exactly. But THP and every liberal in the country expects the idiots drawing swastikas and assaulting homosexuals to listen to the president-elect and stop. Maybe you don’t comprehend that the people doing that, are insane…
  3. He attacked Muslim Gold Star parents. Basically, all this point represents is that Trump mentioned keeping Muslims out of the country; although, THP puts it into a different perspective to make you think the Trump is islamophobic. There’s a difference between saying, “Muslims should be banned from this country because they look funny” and saying “Maybe we should put a hold on Muslim immigrants until we can figure out what’s going on with the domestic ISIS attacks”. So… instead, THP says “Trump hates this Muslim war hero!” because it helps their agenda.
  4. He claimed a judge was biased because “he’s a Mexican”. To be fair… the judge was presiding over a class action lawsuit against Trump University — and Trump was right to assume bias as he had made several statements regarding putting up a wall between the United States and Mexico. If you can’t see how that couldn’t lead to a biased ruling, you are on the wrong article. Although, the judge turned out to be born in India, it doesn’t make Trump racist against Indians or Mexicans because he was unable to identify a race by looking at them.
  5. The Justice Department sued him twice for not renting to black people. There were instances in 1973 that the Trump Corporation refused to rent out apartments to black applicants, or charged more, or said there were no apartments available. Now… in case you weren’t sure how a business works… the CEO of any business does not conduct day-to-day operations. Case-in-point, the B.E.T article on the Dairy Queen franchise owner does not represent the Dairy Queen CEO, John Gainor — at least not unless he decides to run for office.
  6. Number 6 is the same thing as #5, with the difference being a different part of Trump’s organization. This time the article refers to Trump’s casinos in Atlantic City. Basically, like the rest of the accusations, so far, do not directly pin Donald Trump saying or doing anything directly to assume racism. And like #5, just because an employee does something racist does not mean it reflects the rest of the company… notice a pattern?
  7. He refused to condemn the white supremacists who advocated for him. So THP says since the KKK supported him as president means Trump is racist — because that makes even more since than the last 6 reasons. For whatever reason they wanted Trump to publicly condemn the groups — and since he didn’t they said “Trump endorsed by KKK — Trump OK”.
  8. He questioned whether Obama was born in the US. That’s racist?? That’s not racist lol. Next…
  9. He treats racial groups as monoliths. While that doesn’t make sense. THP says that when he’s asked about being racist towards a certain race he then says that he loves that race. THP isn’t even trying… author probably works at BuzzFeed on the weekends.
  10. He trashed Native Americans. This again, goes back in time — to the year 1993. Basically, Trump wanted to open a casino that would compete with one owned by a local Native American tribe. He was quoted as saying that they didn’t look like Indians to him, and they don’t look like Indians to Indians. Now… that’s not necessarily racist. Just because you say “You don’t look black/Puerto Rican/Asian” doesn’t make you racist — that’s not to say the comment he made 24 years ago wasn’t ignorant, but it’s definitely not racist.
  11. He encouraged the mob anger that led to the wrong imprisonment of the Central Park Five. This one is so far fetched that it makes THP look like a bunch of asshats with keyboards. Okay, so in 1989 there was, in New York, a woman who was beaten and raped in Central Park. Trump took out full page ads, calling for the return of the death penalty in New York. The public went crazy and five teenagers were convicted of the crime. The ruling was overturned in 2002, after DNA proved the teens did not commit the crime. But — this has nothing to do with Trump. Trump wanted the death penalty to return because of the actual rapist. He didn’t go arrest the teens, try them, and convict them of the crime. But, according to THP, Trump arrested and sentenced them to prison.
  12. He condoned the beating of a Black Lives Matter protester. Some of the Trump supporters beat up a black guy protesting at one of Trump’s rallies. Trump failed to condemn the attackers for it and instead said he [the protester] should have been roughed up. But… Trump did not physically assault the man. He did not say “kick that n***** ass!”. He probably wasn’t even in the same room when it happened. Regardless, just because he didn’t say “Bad boys, you should learn to play nice with one another” THP puts this as #12 for reasons he’s a racist.
  13. He called supporters who beat up a homeless Latino man “passionate”. They took his quote of context is what THP did here. Firstly, a couple of idiots beat up this poor guy and said “Trump’s right — the illegals need to leave!”. Trump said people who follow me are very passionate. They failed to quote the question he was asked — and usually they do when they try to pull a “gotcha!”. So it’s all BS, just like every other “reason”. And once again, Trump did not beat up a homeless Latino man. Doing something and failing to condemn it are not the same.
  14. He stereotyped Jews and shared an anti-semitic image created by white supremacists. Basically, Trump used borderline stereotypes against Jews. But it’s not like he said, “Do you know what’s cooking in the White House? Of course you do — look at your noses!” or (insert Nazi joke here). He said you’re fiscal. I don’t want your money. The image he shared on Twitter, said Hilary is corrupt — and had a star shape on it that said “Most Corrupt Politician”. The star shape… apparently is the six pointed star… and that’s bad because the Nazi’s used it to designate Jews. And since he shared this image, undoubtedly without realizing the star or understanding it’s background — he’s now anti-semitic. But we can also look at anti-semitics who the public has no problem with: Henry Ford (Ford Automobiles), Walt Disney (Disney…DisneyLand…Disney World… you know…), FDR (Presidnt), Winston Churchill (the English guy). People still drive Fords, spend thousands of dollars to go to Disney World, watch Disney Movies/Disney Channel/ESPN/etc. Hypocrites.
  15. He treats African Americans as tokens to dispel the idea he is racist. Firstly, stop being so PC, THP… they’re black — not African-American (of course there are African-Americans in the US, but when people say AA you think of a black person from LA, Detroit, Houston, DC, Ohio, etc etc). Trump implied he would win the black vote — according to NBC he won 8% of the black vote. Why that last sentence matters — I have no idea, as it’s completely irrelevant.

As you can see there are liberally biased authors throughout the media — The Huffington Post is just one example. And the only reason it was brought up was to disprove what B.E.T was saying about Donald Trump being racist.

Now, back to BET.

Sure this may be news in the black community. I’m not going to pretend that I can relate to the story, or that it doesn’t affect anyone. Obviously it affects the readers of BET. But to throw out Donald Trump’s name before even getting to the story — in the opening paragraph — says a lot more about BET than it does about Donald Trump. And all in an attempt to further provoke the media created racial frenzy.

This isn’t BET’s only article on racism. There’s more. There’s even one about a woman leaving a note to her black waitress about not leaving tips for black people.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Some people are racist. A lot of people are not racist. Saying that everyone is racist or that racism is sweeping through the nation is ridiculous. And to be using blanket statements over an entire race is hypocrisy (ie white people are racist).

A lot of things can be said about Donald Trump — maybe he’s a misogynistic, ignorant, jackass who’s never been through a day in the life of an average person. But to lump in racism without so much as a word or action from him is stupid.