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  1. Google processes more than 40,000 searches EVERY second (3.5 billion searches a day): Forbes
  2. Facebook users send on average 31.25 million messages and view 2.77 million videos every minute: Forbes
  3. In 2020, every person will generate 1.7 megabytes in just a second: Techjury 2020
  4. Since 2012, data has created over 14 million jobs worldwide:
  5. Nearly 90% of all data has been created in the last two years: Kommando Tech
  6. Data-driven organisations are 23x more likely to acquire customers compared to their non-data-driven competitors: Leftronic
  7. The big data industry will be worth an estimated $$77 billion by 2023: Forbes
  8. Walmart…

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Welcome to the new isolation world, where suddenly ‘I don’t have time for that’ is no longer an excuse.

If you’re anything like me, you’re likely bouncing off the walls looking for something to do. While Tiger King provided at least an afternoon’s respite, I have been craving something to fill the time and stimulate me.

And with many others in the same spot, a lot of leaders and HR teams are coming to the same conclusion — online upskill training!

Directing teams to use the quieter period and the sudden free time to start undertaking upskill training online sounds…

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Guess what? Australia is now one of the fattest nations on Earth with 60% of us overweight or obese, and by 2025 that figure will rise to 80 per cent.

We have always safely hidden in the shadow of our,until recently, much larger friend, the USA when its comes to obesity. However, we have now taken the cake from them and eaten it, literally.

What’s Happened?

Well for starters we have two federal initiatives who representatives are made up of a mix of government and public health advocates as well as food industry representatives from the likes of Coca-Cola, Pepsico, Nestle and…

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We’ve all been there. One minute your ‘window shopping’, the next you’ve got your already maxed out credit card out swiping away like there’s no tomorrow. But it feels good doesn’t it? And guess what, there’s a reason behind it, and it can be explained by science! (How exciting?!)

Straight from Quora on the topic of why spending money feels good (I kid you not):

Luka DeCarlo Contemplator of life: “Because it provides short-lived relief from the anxiety of wanting. Once you realise that no genuine happiness or fulfilment was derived from the thing/things you bought, you return to a…

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Here’s what no-one is talking the Facebook Senate hearing: Mark Zuckerberg’s outstanding public relations.

The Facebook senate inquiry has been hard to miss. News media outlets are literally having a field day, yet very few of these articles are taking a step back and looking at the actual outcome for Facebook and our data.

If I was in the Facebook PR team, I’d personally be quite proud, they literally turned a PR nightmare into a trading frenzy for FB shares. So, what was so great about Zuckerberg’s responses and composure during the Senate inquiry? …

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Let me start by saying I’m all aboard the technology hype-train. I am excited for the future. However, sometimes we need to slow down a little bit and think. It’s not all about what the technology does for us, but sometimes rather what it’s doing for its creator that we should really focus on.

Here are the three things that no-one is telling you about the wonderful future of ‘smart homes’.

“Alexa, what are you doing with all my personal information?”

Everytime you search for something with your Google, Amazon, Samsung or Apple powered personal assistant they collect that data with the justification that it will be used to create…

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Photo credit: Helena Lopes

Friends, Money and Financial Independence

I’m currently 23 years old, and the amount of friends my age that have less than $200 in their bank account astonishes me. But, it also does something else. It frightens me.

I never studied economics, finance or anything money related in high-school, but I began hearing two words over and over again: financial independence, and they got me hooked.

Yesterday, I was warming up for my weekly Sunday mixed netball game and I started talking to one of my friends there who still hadn’t paid the rego fee of $84.00. I offered a week…

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The Three Big Dogs

Every country is in panic, or at least they should be from the U.S.- China trade war. Countries such as Australia, are beginning to feel the effects, mirrored by stock price declines across the board. If the U.S.- China trade war continues to escalate (and this seems reasonably likely), the world could be thrown into an economic slump that some experts are saying would take even longer to recover from than the GFC in 2008.

Here are the three areas that currently are and will most likely continue to be affected by the U.S.- China trade war posturing.

Australian Steel

Some would…

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So, you’ve decided you want to make your money work for you, instead of letting it work for your bank, that’s great, but what next? Let’s talk about Index Funds and how they can play a major role in your journey towards financial independence.

Firstly, the most common and popular advice from financial experts warns you not to try and pick companies yourself when dabbling in the stock market. Why? Well, because there are thousands of people already doing this for a living, and they will beat you at it. So, if you can’t beat em, join em.

However, if…

Today, every man, woman and their dog has a gym membership… literally. Over the past decade, men, women and child have flocked to their local gym in greater and greater numbers.

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Crossfit doge

It’s as if we have become a migratory species, who travel down to their closest gym every January with a ‘new years resolution’ in our head to get fit. We then exhaust that idea, lose the motivation and sink back into hibernation for the next 11 months, until we again repeat the process like groundhog day.

While the vast majority of us give up, some decide to stay and…

Dylan Poulton

Marketing Manager at WithYouWithMe and (coming soon). Founder of

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