Dylyver ICO Q&A

Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Dylyver Technologies, its ride sharing and package delivery solutions and our Initial Coin Offering initiative.

ICO page: https://ico.dylyver.com/

User requesting a ride in Dylyver ride-sharing app.
What is Dylyver?

Dylyver is a ride sharing and on demand package delivery platform that is on a mission to disrupt the transportation market by exploiting the benefits of blockchain technology and by introducing Dycoin token as a payment means within its decentralized ecosystem.

What solutions does Dylyver offer?

Our solution is built on two mobile applications. Together these proprietary mobile apps form one unique service and income system for users.

  • Ride sharing platform “Dylyver Drive” that enables users to order a desired vehicle in a matter of seconds and get to their destination with just a click of a button.
  • A peer-to-peer package delivery marketplace “Dylyver Cargo” that brings together senders, couriers and recipients on one platform and enables users to safely ship their packages with people that are travelling in the same direction.
What are the core features of your ride sharing app Dylyver Drive?

Some of the most important features that we have included into our ride sharing app:

  • Choose from various vehicle categories (Standard, Premium, SUV, Minivan, Bus)
  • Book a ride instantly of schedule for the future time.
  • Set your friends location as destination point of your ride.
  • Choose a driver your already know and trust.
  • Pay for your ride with credit card, Dycoin tokens and cash.
  • Share trip costs with your friends.
  • Share your location with friends and family.
What are the core features of your package delivery app Dylyver Cargo?

Some of the most important features that we have included into our package delivery app:

  • Track the exact location of your package in real time on the map.
  • Contact your courier and recipient any time via phone or in app chat.
  • Ship your oversized, heavy items and multiple packages.
  • All your packages are 100% insured.
  • Ship your packages with recommended and trusted couriers.
  • Set an acceptable shipping price. Dylyver just provides recommended pricing.
  • Pay for your delivery with credit card and Dycoin tokens.
What are your unique selling points?

There are several things that make our solutions unique:

  • Dylyver ecosystem. By integrating our package delivery and ride sharing solutions on one platform provides one of a kind user experience for all app participants and a powerful income engine for drivers and couriers.
  • Integration with blockchain. We will develop a Decentralized environment, where payments will be immediately and securely moved from user’s crypto wallet to driver’s or courier’s wallet upon successful trip or package delivery. No need for drivers to wait weeks and months for their payments.
  • Insurance mechanism. With the help of blockchain technology and smart contracts we will also be able to create a more transparent and secure package delivery system, where all the shipped parcels will be protected and insured against theft and damage.
  • Referral system. With Dylyver referral program you will be able to earn referral bonuses every single time, when people that they invite will use our mobile apps (take a ride or ship their packages) or provide their services (provide taxi or courier services).
What is a Dycoin token?

Its a high-liquidity payment unit developed on the Ethereum platform. Dycoin is a utility token, meaning its main purpose is to be used as a payment mechanism within its Dylyver ridesharing and package delivery services.

What are the benefits of owning a Dycoin token?
  • Dycoin token holders can pay for their rides and parcel deliveries using their Dycoin tokens.
  • Dylyver will partner with a crypto friendly financial institution and will issue its branded debit card. This will enable Dycoin holders to pay for goods and services outside Dylyver ecosystem.
  • Following our ICO Dycoin tokens will be listed on global crypto exchanges. Dycoin token holders will be able to exchange their Dycoins to bitcoins, altcoins and fiat money.
Is there an ICO Pre-sale?

Yes, ICO pre-sale started on May 16 and will last till Aug 31 2018.

When is your main ICO?

Our main ICO will start on September 1 and go until Oct 31.

How can I purchase Dycoin tokens?

Quickly sign up and create a profile at https://ico.dylyver.com/, press on Buy Tokens in your account, choose your payment method and follow the on screen instructions. It only takes 3-5 minutes.

What are the available payment options?

You can purchase Dycoin tokens using one of the following methods:

  • 50+ cryptocurrencies including BTC, BCH, ETH, DASH, LTC.
  • Pay Pal account (bank card or account).
  • Credit Card (visa or master card).
  • Bank transfer.
When will I get my Dycoin tokens?

Your purchased and earned Dycoin tokens will be transferred to your chosen ETH wallet (ERC20 standard) a week following the end of our ICO.

Where are you in the app development process?

Both of our applications are currently undergoing alpha tests by our team and partners. The apps should be soon available to the general public for beta testing. Our solutions will be officially launched following the end of our ICO campaign.

On what exchanges are you planning to list your token?

We already have a partnership with Bancor protocol, a Swiss crypto exchange and we will list Dycoin tokens on their platform following our ICO. We are also in negotiations with other crypto exchanges, such as Latoken, HitBtc, Kriptomat, etc. Our goal is to list Dycoin on major crypto exchanges.

Do you have existing partnerships?

Dylyver has an existing cloud infrastructure partnership with IBM. We have partnerships with Stripe and Hyperwallet, our payment and payout processors. Here Maps is our mapping and location dat partner. We have a partnership with Bancor exchange, where we will list our tokens following the ICO. We also have partnerships with other blockchain companies, like: Cargo Coin, Extradecoin exchange, RedCab, Zagg Protocol, etc.

Do you have a bounty program?

Off course. You can easily earn Dycoin tokens by sharing news and updates about Dylyver and our ICO on social media sites, like Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Vkontakte and Twitter. You can also earn Dycoin tokens by posting high quality videos on You Tube, writing articles, making web page translations and participating in our BitcoinTalk forum threads.

Do you have a referral program in place?

Absolutely. We have built a 4 level ICO referral system, where participants earn tokens from every Dycoin token purchase in their network. You can earn 16% from total Dycoin token purchases in your network. Simply sign up at https://ico.dylyver.com/, copy your referral link or referral code and start sharing them with your friends, family and network.

Where can I find Dycoin token contract address?


How will you insure that users are insured against token price volatility?

One of the ways we are planning to do this is by creating a trigger inside both of our applications, where users can easily identify before the ride or package delivery the percentage of price that they are willing to pay in Dycoin tokens. The rest of their payment will be done in fiat currency.

On which social media sites can I find Dylyver?

Here are some of the social media sites, where Dylyver is actively present:

What are your contact details?
  • HQ Office: Üllői street 101, Budapest, 1091, Hungary.
  • Registered Office: 101 Apollo Drive, Rosedale, Auckland, 0632, New Zealand
  • Email: info@dylyver.com and ico@dylyver.com
  • Webpages: https://ico.dylyver.com/ and http://dylyver.com/
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