Lottery Review

Not an ideal lottery….but that isn’t new. We’ve gotten screwed on lottery night for 5 years running.

I viewed this as a top two draft, then I think it gets very muddy from picks 3–8. A lot of different guys could go in that range depending on fit & need. I think the Magic could very easily end up with a very solid player that could help us instantly. Star players can always be had outside of the top 2 picks.

BismarckI think the top 5 goes as:
1) Fultz 2) Ball 3) Tatum 4) Jackson 5) Fox

My early….preferred draft night:
6) Malik Monk
25) Jawun Evans
33) Jordan Bell
35) Semi Ojeleye

My hope would be for Jackson or Tatum to fall. Which could be possible if Philly goes for shooting and takes Monk. But if both are gone, I think we go Monk. Dennis Smith, Jr is solid but not sure he has the elite ability that warrants taking him and trading Elfrid. Johnathan Isaac is intriguing but to much of a project for the Magic to take with the state of the franchise.

I think this type of draft would address a lot of needs for the Magic. Monk brings elite shooting/scoring ability on the wing. Evans would be a solid backup PG. Bell and Semi are great/scrappy defenders that would be very good role players on a team that lacked toughness.

Taking a guy like Monk also does something that I think is needed…..moving Evan to the bench to be our goto 6th man. I really like Evan but he’s not a great facilitator and isn’t good enough to lead us in scoring….which doesn’t help out the other starters. So moving him to the bench, you allow him to be the primary ball handler and scoring punch off the bench…ala Manu.

We don’t have a ton of cash for FA. I’d stay low key, because of the pending Elfrid and AG extensions the following summer and just try to add a solid backup stretch PF. Patrick Patterson would be my target.

My 13 man roster would be:
PG: Elfrid, Evans, DJ
SG: Monk, Mario
SF: Ross, Evan, Semi
PF: AG, Patterson, Bell
C: Vucevic, Bismack

This is a starting 5 that features insane speed and athleticism. It would feature quality outside shooters in Monk, Ross, and even Vucevic along with great finishers at the rim. Defense and size would be a concern.

Bench would instantly be better than this year which was a very big issue with our team. Evan would stabilize the second unit and give it a playmaker. Mario (in theory) and Patterson would bring good outside shooting and Bismarck brings rim protection (in theory).

Not a title contending team but a team that I feel could compete for a 6th-9th seed in the east. Baby Steps.

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