Advantages of ICSE board Syllabus

Education holds a great value in an individual’s life. School is the place that introduces us to the formal education for the first time. It is not just about learning academics but education has the power to transform a child to a learned social being. Learning about new things is not only exciting but also boosts self-confidence. It teaches us basic skills such as equality, teamwork and socialisation which are necessary to understand the ways and whims of the society that we live in.

We keep learning and growing mentally as well as physically but in order to make sure that we are understanding the things correctly, every education board follows a particular examination system. In India, we have different boards of education such as CBSE, ICSE and State Boards from which schools get affiliation. Schools are directed by these boards to conduct exams at regular intervals in order to keep a track of our learning. Class 10 being the board class plays an important role in any student’s life. The marks scored in this class is the first step and is highly significant in achieving your dreams. These marks further decide your academic journey by giving you an option to choose between different streams: Humanities, Commerce, Medical and Non-Medical. Be it UP board 10th or any other state board, the marks scored in secondary play an important role for getting admission into your choice of higher secondary school.

Imagine human body without backbone, similarly it is impossible to study in a class without syllabus. It contains all the topics to be taught in an academic year divided as per the examination system of the school. It is designed very carefully keeping in mind the learning level of the kids. We have different boards functioning in India, hence all have different syllabus. ICSE syllabus is known to strengthen the basic concepts to ensure a strong foundation. The subjects offered in this board are divided into three groups where Group I has all the compulsory subjects and Group II and III have optional subjects. Group I caters to subjects like English, History, Geography etc. Group II and III has subjects like Mathematics, Computer Science, Yoga, Physical education and Performing Arts, etc. that are important for your mental ability and spiritual well-being.

Education teaches us about our culture through literature and civilisation that cannot be acquired as a hereditary skill. There are many people who still do not understand the importance of education. It is birth right of everyone, but Secondary education in Rajasthan, UP, Punjab, Maharashtra, etc. has been denied to many due to factors such as gender biasness, illiteracy and poverty. People who value the importance of education are extending their help to students by either going their personally or through virtual classrooms.

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