Download CBSE sample papers for class 10

Gone are the days, when private CBSE tuitions as well as classes for schools would suffice the board exam preparations. Today, the online education portals are catching up in India too. These websites offer tons of useful contents such as CBSE sample papers, past year question papers and several video lessons. They have truly become a true companion for the better preparation of CBSE exams. Using these online materials to your advantage is easy and fruitful. Here are some features that you can get on the CBSE education portal. We have even provided some useful tips to utilise this study material and score better marks.

Video Lessons: The video lessons present on the CBSE portals are a best way to clear the concepts and the theories with completely crystal clarity. The modern day 2D and 3D animations are used along with the real life examples to help you understand the concepts better. If you watch the video lessons even for half an hour a day, it will help you understand the concepts better. Moreover, the retention of these concepts would be far better than the ones that you cram.

Exam Resources: The CBSE portals are enriched with a number of exams sources such as CBSE sample papers for class 10 or 12th, past year question papers, CBSE question banks, etc. These resources better aid in familiarising you with the exam patterns as well as the techniques to answer the questions, in order to score better in exams. They are also good for last minute exam revisions.

Online Tests: Besides the CBSE sample papers for class 12, CBSE question papers and question banks, there are some online mock tests that will relieve you from those pre-exam jitters. If you take these mock tests regularly, it will train your nerves to get more acquainted to deal with the pressure of exams. You can even evaluate your real time performance reports and know your weaker areas.

NCERT Solutions: In case, you need the detailed and the well answered solutions to the NCERT questions found at the end of every chapter then you can visit these online CBSE portals. They are pretty similar to the CBSE sample papers but have detailed insights on the lessons and the concepts that you have learnt from every chapter. You can even use these as a homework help.

Course Plan: Don’t forget to download a detailed course plan or structure to get an easy access to the entire list of sample papers, question banks and past year question papers. When you know, what all to refer to, things get rather simplified and fast.

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