Download ICSE mathematics class 9 solutions online for free

Are you a concerned parent worrying about, which board is best for your child? If yes, then fret no more! Here we’ll give you an insight about some of the most prominent organisations or bodies in India that conduct board exams on a yearly basis. India primarily has three boards of education, they are: CBSE, ICSE, and the State board. Let’s take a look at some of the vital features that will help you know more and do more.

ICSE board: The ICSE board is a private body that was founded in the year 1956. The motive for doing so was to adapt the University of Cambridge’s examination system in India. This education body now conducts three examinations. First is the ICSE (Indian certificate secondary education) exam which is an exam that is held for the class 10 students. Next is the ISC (Indian school certificate) exam which is a help for students belonging to class 12. Last is the CVE (Certificate for vocational education) exam. An examination conducted for students of class 12. Now, you can get solutions for all subjects of the ICSE exams online. For instance, if you need ICSE mathematics class 9 solutions, simply browse the official website of ICSE and you can download them for free.

There are a number of benefits of appearing in the ICSE board exams. There is due recognition given to this board results across numerous colleges in India as well as abroad. The focus is centralised on all subjects including language, art and science. It is given good weightage in India thus making it prevalent.

CBSE Board: The Central board of secondary education (CBSE) is considered the most popular board in India, as it has over 9,000 schools spread across the country and 21 nations across the globe. This education system emphasises on the application of science and math.

The benefits for appearing in CBSE board are plenty. It is convenient to find this board in your vicinity, both nationally as well as internationally. The CBSE board is widely recognised across numerous colleges in India. Moreover, if you wish to hire someone as a tutor for your child who is appearing for CBSE board it will be easy. Since, there are a number of people looking for tutor jobs in Mumbai.

State Boards: Just as the name suggests, every state has a board of its own. This again has some benefits. The board is dominant within that particular state. The topics covered in UP board 11th, 12th or even 10th are relevant and local. These schools are usually cheaper as compared to the other boards.

While finalising the board for your kid, make it a point to go through the curriculum as well. The choice of curriculum makes a vast difference in the education quality of your child, further resulting in a bright future.

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