Find a tutor who gives importance to practicing icse question papers for class 10

Home tuitions, as we already know are a means to supplement one’s learning and excel in academics. It is important that students find these sessions interesting, informative and also effective in terms of knowledge acquisition.

Tutors must take utmost care to enhance learning of the students. There are a number of tutors in Mumbai offering home tuitions. However, as a parent of a child appearing for class 10th board exams you have to be careful while hiring a tutor for home tuitions in Mumbai. It is important that you take into note some vital pointers into considerations to give your child an effective learning experience.

Communication — Learning is all about communication. It is important for the tutor to interact, communicate and understand the student and help him/her achieve the said goal that makes the sessions effective. A tutor should be able to understand the student’s psychology and capability. This will help in coming up with new teaching methods that focus on the student’s need of the day. A good home teacher will also always come up with new ways to approach a subject. Interesting pin-ups, hands-on activities, snippets about the topic/s while being taught to create curiosity in children.

Patient — Patience is always the key to a successful session. A tutor must have patience in teaching the student. The session must be designed to match the student’s wavelength.

Encouraging — Encouragement is what helps the students to stay on track and achieve better than the first time.

Effective planning — The tutor must be capable of analysing the student’s strengths and weaknesses before building on a lesson plan. A lesson plan helps the student gradually rise up to the level that is required and also helps one track the student’s progress eventually. However, the planning must be done carefully so that every chapter is duly covered. The teacher should source ample time to make the student go through the past year question papers and the ICSE question papers for class 10 to evaluate preparation.

Good Listener — A tutor must know what to hear and what to listen to. Students can get narrative at times which needs to be blocked, unless important. However the student’s point of view must be heard at times. This is vital to know whether the topic has been understood by him/her.
There are some of the many pointers available for you to choose a good tutor for your student’s board exams. Home tutors must also be willing to go out of the way to help a student understand the concepts. For instance, if there is a concept of class 10th that is back-linked to the fundamental of class 8th then the tutor must take the requisite effort to source NCERT solutions for class 8 to facilitate better understanding of student.